Academic Accomodations - Concussion

Academic Accomodations for Athletes Suffering a Concussion

The Department of Athletics, in consultation with the Office of Learning Services, has developed the following guidelines as part of its concussion management policy in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the NCAA's Health and Safety Committee regarding the need for member institutions to provide academic services and other on-campus support accommodations for student-athletes diagnosed with concussions.

  • When a student-athlete sustains a concussion (as diagnosed by the certified athletic trainer, in consultation with the institution's Director of Health Services), consideration will be made for the effect that the injury may have on their academic performance.
  • An initial monitoring period of up to five days will be undertaken by the certified athletic trainer to determine if academic accommodations are needed. Once determined, a member of the athletic training staff, will notify the Department of Athletics to inform the student-athlete's professors of his/her injury.
  • If symptoms continue beyond five days and are impacting the student-athlete’s academic performance, the certified athletic trainer will submit a special assistance request form, as well as provide all copies of the student-athlete’s relevant neuro-cognitive test results to the Office of Learning Services. The Office of Learning Services will then review the information, determine the appropriate academic support accommodations necessary, and contact the appropriate professors with the required accommodations.
  • Once the certified athletic trainer has determined that the student-athlete has fully recovered, the Office of Learning Services will be contacted to discontinue the special request.

Note: All student-athletes will sign a yearly waiver before the start of athletic participation allowing medical documentation of concussion to be shared with appropriate on-campus individuals. In addition, all athletic department staff and faculty will receive annually appropriate educational information regarding concussions.