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The Athletic Training Strategic Alliance composed of the NATA, CAATE, BOC and NATA Research and Education Foundation jointly announced that professional (i.e. entry-level) education for Athletic Trainers will officially move to the master's degree.

Our sister school in our collaboration (West Chester University) will be moving quickly to a Master's program.  As such, the Fall 2016 class will be the last class of our Dual Degree relationship.  We will not continue our program at the graduate level. 

A new program has been developed that will be a collaboration with other graduate level athletic training education programs in Pennsylvania.  This will be a 3 + 2 program with select schools that Millersville has forged agreements with.  Student would enroll at Millersville for three years and then apply to one of our collaborative schools for admission the following year. On acceptance they would transfer for their last two years.  On completeion of their fourth year (first year in graduate school) they would transfer those credits back to Millersville and recieved their bachelors degree. Currently we are working on collaborations with with Bloomsburg, Lock Haven,  Slippery Rock, and West Chester University.

There is also a mechanism for those interested in completing their bachelors degree at MU and then applying to an Athletic Training Graduate School. This gives the student the option of applying to any school in the country with an Athletic Training Graduate Program.

Course requirements for 3+2 collaborative program.  Link

Course requirements for a four year degree in preparation for a post graduate application. Link

Application to a graduate program may also require pre-requistes including a certain number of hours observation of a certified athletic trainer submitted with the grad application.

Students seeking to fulfill those observation hours here at MU can contact Hank Fijalkowski, LAT, ATC at

For more information contact Dr. Judith Cebra-Thomas in Biology :

Information below is for current students only who are finishing out the program.

See the report that a MU Communication Major did on the Athletic Training program on You Tube

For more information about the program call Hank Fijalkowski, MS, ATC at (717) 871-4227 or email:


Above is a photo of former athletic training student Sarah Ernesto who graduated in 1/14 from Arcadia University with a doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She was also honored as the 2013 winner of $10,000.00 scholarship from the Otho Davis Foundation. Otho Davis was the long time athletic trainer for the Phidelphia Eagles from 1973 to 1995. He has been named to the Hall of Fame of a number of athletic training associations and is on the Philadelphia Eagle Honor Roll.  Below is a picture of her and her fiance with Ron Jaworski at the awards ceremony.

S Ernesto scholarship award