Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The School of Education is dedicated to enabling all students to demonstrate the identity and the responsibilities of professionalism and engaged citizenship.  Faculty members guide undergraduate and graduate students in applying the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes in diverse communities.


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The School of Education is dedicated to enabling under graduate and graduate students of all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds to assume the role, identity, and responsibilities of the professional. This unique mission within the University requires that faculty members guide students through the process of acquiring the appropriate professional knowledge, experience, and attitudes.

The primary mission facing the School of Education is the preparation of future teachers in a variety of specialty areas, as well as the support and professional development of in-service teachers in all fields. This mission is enhanced by those departments in the School that offer supplementary service to both the School of Education and to the University at large, and extended by those departments that offer professional programs in fields other than teacher preparation.

Both pre-service and in-service teacher education programs seek to develop the teacher who: knows about and understands his or her culture as well as other cultures, and better able to present subject matter in broad perspective; has a command of the growing knowledge base in educational theory, and is able to integrate the accepted tenets of the profession into practice; knows first-hand there may be a gap between theory and practice, and is able to reconcile the demands of theory with the needs of each individual student; makes complex decisions and judgments about the learning experiences of students in a way that balances the need for clear standards of performance with fairness, open-mindedness and compassion.

The School's mission is further extended by programs, such as Applied Engineering and Technology Management, Clinical Psychology, Counselor Education, Educational Leadership, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, School Psychology, and Supervisory Certification, that base their curricula on appropriate professional knowledge, experience, and attitudes. In addition, the School of Education serves the entire University by sharing its uniquely interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective through University-mandated general education course work and participation in the intellectual life of the University.

In the service of this mission, faculty members are committed to understanding and interrelating students' needs, community as well as national and international concern, disciplinary demands, and appropriate professional techniques. That is, they are dedicated to demonstrating the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students must adopt if they are to assume the role, identity, and responsibilities of the professional.