NCATE - Student Follow-up Survey

NCATE - Professional Education Unit Student Follow-Up Survey

Professional Education Unit
Student Follow-Up Survey

The MU School of Education maintains a reputation of excellence in preparing students for careers in a multitude of teaching disciplines, school counseling, school psychology and leadership. We are successful in preparing educators because we are constantly assessing our programs and are flexible and adapt quickly to changes in the field of education.

As an MU Alumnus, you can best inform us about the quality of instruction that you received. Your responses to our 15 minute survey will help us focus on even better education preparation programs that focus on students, demonstrate exemplary professional practices and work in learning communities of inquiry and action.

Directions: This questionnaire is designed to help us gain a better understanding of the kinds of things that create difficulties for educators and to find out how well Millersville University prepared you for these challenges. We are interested only in your frank opinions. Your answers will be confidential. Please check the one response that best describes your educational preparation.

Please use your M# to reach your survey. Just a reminder that if you don't remember your M# it can be found on the mailing that you had received.

If you would like to comment about this survey or if you have issues or concerns please email