Applying for Student Teaching

Applying for Student Teaching

How do I apply?

To apply for Student Teaching you must submit the required application form, known as a "yellow card", now available online. The online yellow card is located on the main page of the student teaching website (CLICK HERE).  Please email if any of your information changes after submission.

When do I apply?

Please sign up at least 1 year prior to the semester you plan to student teach.

What happens if I am late applying?

First, please don't panic or lose sleep. Simply complete the online yellow card as soon as possible.

After you apply:

You will receive an email from the Student Teaching Office during 'finals' week two (2) semesters prior to your student teaching semester wihich will include instructions for completing a Student Teaching Intent Packet.  (This email will only be sent to your MyVille email account).  At this time you will also receive information about the date and time for the mandatory Orientation Night Meeting. Be sure to mark your this date on your calendar.

It is also a great idea to get in the habit of checking your MyVille email account regularly. Important announcements, reminders, your student teaching placement, etc. will be communicated via your Myville email account.