Description & Requirements

Description and Requirements

Undergraduate and graduate student teaching, internships and practica are coordinated through the Student Teaching Office.

The University, working with school district administrators, will assign student teachers full-time to certified cooperating teachers in area schools and University supervisors to gain experience in the total activities of the teacher. Student teachers may not request a specific school or cooperating teacher, nor may a cooperating teacher request a specific student teacher. Student teachers are not assigned to the school district from which they were graduated.

For admission to the Millersville Student Teaching Program, the following policies apply:

  • Students must have earned at least 85 credits with at least a 3.0 overall cumulative quality point average.
  • Students must have successfully completed required professional education courses and be APS approved.
  • Students must apply to the Student Teaching Office at least one year in advance. Transfer students who have completed two years of study at another institution should make a preliminary application for student teaching upon admission.
  • Students may not student teach while on academic probation.
  • Students must present satisfactory Act 34 (criminal record), Act 151 (child abuse), FBI fingerprinting clearance reports and negative TB test results to the Field Services office.