Mandatory Meetings

Mandatory Meetings for Student Teaching

Orientation Night Meeting

This meeting occurs towards the end of the semester prior to student teaching. It precedes the allocation of placements and serves to inform you how placements are released and the procedures to follow once you have received your placement information. Criteria mandatory to receive your placement is also discussed. There will be light paperwork to be completed and submitted during this meeting. Attendance is mandatory in order to receive your placement. If you are not able to attend due to a conflict with a scheduled evening class please call (717.871.5752), or email, prior to the meeting. Attendance will be taken. Materials will not be released to a third party on your behalf. Date and time will be announced when you receive information about your Intent Packet.

First Day Meetings

The first day of the student teaching semester will prepare you for your impending student teaching experience. This meeting will include guest speakers and an opportunity to meet with your university supervisor. Again, attendance is mandatory. Please dress professionally. Dates, times, and location will be emailed to your MyVille account.  Fall semester First Day Meetings are generally held the Friday before the semester starts so that you will have the opportunity (in most cases) to experience the first day of school in your assigned district.  Spring semester First Day Meetings are held on the first day of the semester.

Dean's Seminar on Interviewing

This meeting occurs midway throughout the student teaching semester. Through staged mock interviews, this seminar will focus on fine tuning your interviewing skills and facilitating your effectiveness as a serious employment candidate. Local area superintendents and other district personnel will be present to conduct the staged interviews. Attendance is mandatory. Please dress professionally. Date and time will be emailed to your MyVille account.


Departments and/or University Supervisors may schedule additional meetings throughout the semester. Please pay close attention to announcements concerning these meetings as dates and times may not be posted on this webpage.