Admissions, Registration & Fees

Admissions, Registration & Fees

Admissions and Registration

ELI admission policy follows the MU undergraduate admissions policies. These policies are found here:


Admission is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Students must have graduated from high school. Students must be 17 years of age, unless part of a short-term program. Students in levels 4- 6 will have the option for concurrent enrollment in non-ELI, MU courses.

Students must apply and be admitted to the ELI before attending classes. English proficiency test scores must be provided, if student has taken a formal, standardized test. However, a TOEFL or IELTS score is not required for admission to the ELI; an English language proficiency test will be given prior to the start of classes to determine level placement for those students without a standardized proficiency score.

Conditional Admission

Applicants who are academically admissible to MU programs, but do not meet the minimum English language requirement, may be conditionally admitted to Millersville University, with the understanding that they will first enroll in ELI courses. More about the English proficiency requirement is found here:

Orientation & Registration

All international students are required to attend all MU and ELI orientation activities. Orientation offers an opportunity for students to learn about the services and programs at Millersville University and the ELI. Orientation also covers immigration laws and expectations, as well as guest speakers from many university departments. There are also a lot of fun activities and chances to make new friends!

Student ID Cards

You will receive your MU student ID card during orientation. ID cards are necessary to enter your residence hall, for identification in the library, health services, and athletic facilities, as well as to purchase meals at any of the many dining options on campus.

Testing & Initial Placement

During student orientation prior to the start of the term, all new students must take an English language placement test. The ELI currently uses the Pearson’s Versant English Placement Test to determine student English level. The test will assess a student’s spoken and written language ability. Students will be placed within level 1 through 6, according to their placement test results.


ELI staff will register students for classes. ELI students may enroll full-time or part-time. Students who are on an F-1 student visa are not allowed to study part-time in the ELI, unless enrolled full-time in an academic program, or if taking courses during the summer months. Students with F-2 and J-2 visas, as well as other visa categories, have the option of studying part-time.

Program Fees & Payment

ELI students will not receive a tuition and fee bill until they are registered for classes. Payment can be made in-person or online. Students should make payment or begin a payment plan within that first week. Non-payment will lead to late fees added to your bill; non-payment also leads to a hold being placed on your account, which would restrict registration in later terms.

International students are encouraged to use Flywire for tuition payments. This service offers an opportunity to pay securely from any country or bank using any currency.

Concurrent Enrollment
Students who take advantage of the concurrent Millersville University course enrollment option during ELI levels 4, 5 or 6 will be responsible for the additional tuition and fees required by MU.

Sponsored Students
Students who are sponsored through a government or other third-party must work with Global Education and the Office of Student Accounts to ensure timely invoicing and payment of tuition and fees.

Refund Policies
The Add/Drop period is during the first week of the program only. During that week, students are able to withdraw from the program and receive a full refund on tuition paid. A student who withdraws from the ELI after the first week is not eligible for any refund.

The refund policy applies to tuition only. Other fees are not refunded. Special cases may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.