English Language Institute Handbook

English Language Institute Handbook


Welcome to Millersville! It is a great community to learn in. We are pleased that you have chosen Millersville University as a place to improve your English language skills, learn more about American culture, and experience University life. This handbook has information that will help answer questions about the program and Millersville University. The ELI instructors and staff are here to help you, not only in mastering English, but also in adjusting to a different way of life. We wish you all the best in the upcoming semester.

The ELI Team

Administrative Staff
Patriece Campbell, Director, Global Education
Daniel McClary, Program Coordinator, Global Education
Kristin Thomson, Program Coordinator, Global Education

Maria Mando-Fedorcova, Academic Coordinator/ELI Instructor
Janet Purcell, ELI Instructor
Kristin Thomson, ELI Instructor
Christina Kinney, ELI Instructor

English Language Institute Handbook

The handbook can be downloaded here: English Language Institute Handbook

Program Overview

The English Language Institute at Millersville University (MU) is a non-credit, intensive English program designed to help students improve their English proficiency for academic, personal or professional purposes. Most students in the program plan to begin undergraduate or graduate study in an American college or university after they complete their English program.

The ELI follows Millersville’s academic calendar, which generally is:
Fall: late August- mid- December (14 weeks)
Spring: late- January- mid-May (14 weeks)
Summer: mid- June- mid- August (10 weeks)

The curriculum is divided into six levels, with students in levels 4- 6 having the option of enrolling concurrently in non-ELI, MU undergraduate courses. Students can expect to be in classes 18- 24 hours per week.

Students are responsible for following classroom and program policies, as communicated at orientation and in the ELI Student Handbook. Students are accountable for their actions. Students must be respectful to their classmates, teachers and ELI administrators at all times. Students should strive to use English 100% of the time.

Email Communication and Announcements

The ELI and MU sends important announcements and notices to students on a regular basis. Most of these announcements will be sent to students’ MU email addresses. It is important that students check their MU email daily, or forward their MU email to their primary email account.