While at Millersville

After Arriving at Millersville

There will be a mandatory orientation for incoming exchange students on the Thursday and Friday before the start of the semester. The first part of the orientation will be held just for exchange students at the Office of Global Education & Partnerships, Cumberland House. In this session, students will learn about the culture of an American university, preparing them for some of the differences they may experience compared to their home universities. Also, students will receive information about campus resources and policies, as well as information to help students navigate the local Millersville and Lancaster area.

The second part of the orientation is conducted by Rita Miller who provides the support to international students who come to Millersville for a full degree. She is also the one who processes the I-20 immigration documents for all incoming (exchange and international) students. During this session, the exchange students, combined with the international students, will learn in more detail about student life at Millersville University and also important information pertaining to the legal aspect of studying in the United States (immigration questions, social security information, tax, information, etc.). This orientation session will also include a trip to the local mall to purchase everyday items before moving into the dormitories, such as sheets, towels, toiletries, and other personal items.

Students who will live on campus will have housing arranged for them from the Wednesday before the orientation (recommended arrival day). Students who choose to live off campus will go directly to their off campus housing upon arrival.

Staying Connected

While you are not required to check in with our office on a regular basis, be sure to notify the Office of Global Education & Partnerships of any traveling you will be undertaking while in the United States and fill out the appropriate Emergency Contact Information form, available at the Office of Global Education & Partnerships.

Also, make sure to check your e-mail because that will be our primary means of communication to update you on class information, events, socials, etc.

Emergency Contact Information

All numbers are based on dialing from inside the United States.

For any emergency in the United States requiring police, ambulance, or fire assistance, dial 911 free of charge from any phone. If you are calling from a campus phone, you must dial 9911

For Millersville University Police, use the following numbers when calling from an on campus phone:

3911- Medical/Police/Fire Emergency

3250- Medical Non-Emergency

3433- Police Non-Emergency

For Millersville Borough (or from any building off campus), use the following emergency numbers:

717-872-9345 Millersville Borough Fire Department

717-872-4658 Millersville Borough Police Department

***This and other information is also available in the Incoming International Orientation Packet that you will receive upon arrival***

Other Useful Links

Academic Calendar
Look ahead and see when classes start, spring/winter/fall break, finals, etc. Remember, should arrive on the Wednesday before the first day of classes, as the mandatory orientation is held on the Thursday and Friday before classes start.

Library Services
For any college student, the library is an important resource. Click on this link for hours of operation, information on renting laptops, resources available, and more.

Dining Options
Food is an important part of life for any college student and Millersville does not disappoint. There are a variety of dining options on Millersville's campus ranging from cafeteria/buffet-style to smaller places to grab quick snacks in between classes. This site will help you see all of your options, when they are open, and where on campus they are located.

Information on Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Get out and see the town! This website links you to happenings in and around Lancaster County.

Getting To Millersville
From downtown Lancaster and the train station, it is approximately 15-20 minutes to Millersville University by car or taxi. If taking the bus, it may be longer depending on the route taken and number of stops.

Directions on how to get to Millersville University campus from nearby locations.

Driving Directions from the Lancaster Train Station
Taking the bus from the Lancaster Train Station: To take the bus from the train station, you have several options. Between 7:35am and 6:15pm, the Red Rose Trolley will pick you up in front of the train station and take you to the transfer station at their 225 N. Queen Street headquarters. From there you will get on the #16 bus to Millersville.

Outside of those hours, you must walk one block west to Prince Street, and the one block south to the corner of Price and Liberty Streets. At that corner you can take either the #19 bus inbound from manheim or the #3 bus inbound from Park City C.

The fare is $1.20 and exact change is required. If you are connecting from the trolley, it is an additional $.20 and you must request a transfer ticket from the driver before you get off the trolley.

For any questions, please contact Red Rose Transit directly.

Driving Directions from regional airports:
Philadelphia International Airport (approx. 1½ hours east of Lancaster off I-95)
Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) (approx. 2 - 2½ hours south of Lancaster off I-95)
Harrisburg International Airport (approx. 45 minutes northwest of Lancaster off Route 283)

Connecting from the airport to the train station:
To get to the train station from the Philadelphia airport, you must take the SEPTA R1 train from the airport to 30th Street Station, where you connect to the AMTRAK train to Lancaster.
To get to the train station from BWI airport, take the free airport shuttle to the BWI Rail station and connect with the AMTRAK train to the Lancaster Train Station.
You may also take one of the taxis found outside of the train station, although it is not recommended due the cost of travel (approx. $20.00) as opposed to the cheaper method of the bus.

Getting Around

Local Millersville Bus Schedule - take you from Millersville to a variety of places such a the movie theatre, the mall, grocery store, and more.

Greyhound Bus (for National or long-distance travel)

Local Bus Travel (Lancaster and surrounding cities)



Currency Converter Current exchange rates to help you manage your money

Weather Lancaster County has four distinct seasons, each lending a distinctive personality to the countryside. Temperature throughout the year ranges from highs in the '80's in July and August to lows in the '30's in late December through February.

For current weather conditions, click here. (Tip, use zip code 17551)

International Relations Club
The goal of the International Relations Club is to bring together International and American students in an effort to socialize and make ourselves more culturally socially and politically aware of our diverse nationalities. They plan seminars, trips, discussion groups and other social events that you may be interested in. The current meeting time is Thursday 9-10pm in SMC Room 51.

Still more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you in anyway we can!