Study Abroad Handbook

Study Abroad Handbook

Read your handbook thoroughly and prepare a list of questions for the Pre-Departure Orientation. It is recommended to share your handbook with your guests coming with you to orientation. Your handbook is your "ticket" into the orientation; you are required to have access to it in someway either as a hardcopy or electronically.

The purpose of this handbook is to help you prepare yourself for your study abroad experience. Within your handbook, you will find information that can facilitate your understanding of what to expect while studying abroad. Follow the directions below in order to best prepare for Pre-Departure Orientation:

  1. READ the handbook in its entirety and prepare questions before the study abroad orientation.
  2. SHARE a copy of the handbook with any person involved in the decision making process for your study abroad experience. They should have a copy of the handbook, regardless of whether or not they will be attending the Pre-Departure Orientation. Many questions can be answered by reading the handbook and by reviewing the information under the "Study Abroad" section of this website.
  3. ENSURE that you have access to your handbook to reference during orientation.

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