Important Forms and Information


Local Emergency Contact Form is for your local information while ABROAD.  Having this information helps Global Ed. get in touch with you should there be an emergency abroad or here at home.

Travel Notification Form is for traveling while you are abroad.  Complete this form EACH TIME before traveling away from your host city overnight. This form keeps us "in the know" in case there would be an emergency and we would need to contact you while you are traveling.

Financial Aid Appeal Form 

Students who have studied abroad for the academic year or spring semester, may need to complete this form in Late May/Early June to ensure that you will receive FEDERAL financial aid for the coming school year. If you do not plan to receive federal financial aid, you do not need to complete this form.

 How do you check if you need to do an appeal?

 1)    If you did not make SAP, you will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid and it will be stated on your MAX account.  We strongly encourage you to check the financial aid section of your MAX account for the upcoming year in mid/late May to determine if you are identified as not making SAP.

 Why do you need an appeal?

1)    The release of federal financial aid for the following academic year may be delayed while Millersville awaits the receipt of your academic transcript from the international institution. 

2)    Millersville University cannot confirm that you have made “Successful Academic Progress” (SAP) in May, for the previous academic year without the transcript, thus your financial aid may be placed on hold until the transcript is received.    

How to complete the appeal form? 

1)    Your statement should say: “The reason I have not made significant academic progress is due to the timing of my study abroad experience.  During the (timeframe of study abroad: (example Spring of 2015)) I studied abroad through Millersville University Office of Global Education in (location).  My semester in (location) ended in (enter date).  I expect my transcript will arrive and be processed in August or September which will show my proof of academic progress & earned credits during that time.  Thank you for your consideration in advance.”   

2)    For additional documentation we recommend you add a copy of the study abroad acceptance we emailed you from our office. 

For more details, following link to Financial Considerations

Return Flight Itinerary should be completed once you have arranged for your flight home. This only needs to be completed if you initially purchased a one- way ticket or if you have made any changes to your return flight.


Registering for MU classes and TAP numbers: Don't forget you will need to register for classes for your next semester at MU while you are abroad! Be sure to review the important registration information below.

Graduation:  If you are planning to graduate this semester, be sure to review the following information to make sure you're on track for graduating when you return from abroad!

For more information regarding Commencement and the Graduation process, visit the Registrar's Commencement webpage.

Study Abroad Transcripts: Before departing from your host university you need to make sure you do NOT have any outstanding fines/ holds on your account (ie: library fines, notes fees, accommodation charges, etc.).Until you pay/ clear any fines/holds your transcript will NOT be sent to MU (meaning you will not get your credits posted on your DARS).