Professional Experiences Abroad

Professional Experiences Abroad Opportunities

Millersville University offers students numerous opportunities to gain professional experience in an international setting. International internship placements are available for almost all majors and minors. If a student majors in Education or Social Work, there are specific opportunities to complete his or her senior placement abroad to gain a different perspective regarding their prospective fields.

  • International Internships - International internships for academic credit can be a stand-alone experience or in conjunction with a study abroad experience. International internships are a great opportunity to gain professional practice in your field in another culture. Students can choose to be placed in countries around the world, based upon the availability of placement openings and skill/language compatibility.
  • Social Work - Social Work majors are able to complete their senior field placement abroad during their last semester at Millersville. Social Workers fulfill the Department of Social Work's requirements for their senior placement and take MU courses while conducting their placement in an international location. Students are able to gain professional hands on experience by working with grassroots and/or support organizations.
  • Student Teaching - International student teaching placements are possible through two partnerships, Educators Abroad and Volunteer Adventure Corps. Participants student teach abroad during the last half of their final semester at Millersville. The first half of their senior student teaching is conducted in Pennsylvania and the second half is carried out through an international placement. For more information regarding student teaching abroad, see the Office of Global Education in Cumberland House.