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The American Business School Paris

About The American Business School Paris

Since its inception, the American Business School Paris has attracted students to Paris from all around the world and has evolved from a uniquely Franco-American vision to a completely global approach to business education.

Students interested in a diverse educational experience will find it by coming to the American Business School Paris where they are immediately immersed in an international setting. More than 50% of the students come from outside France and represent close to 65 nationalities. At the American Business School Paris, students learn to understand cultural and behavioral differences from the first day in class.

The American Business School Paris is based in one of the most famous cities in the world: Paris. The modern campus is centrally located on the Parodi Campus of IGS (Institut de Gestion Sociale) near the picturesque Canal St. Martin. Paris is a city to discover. Students see the sights, visit the museums - they're all part of the experience. You can also jump on the metro or a bus and get off at a place you've never heard of, wander through a quartier where French mixes with Arabic or Vietnamese, poke your head into mysterious shops, have lunch in a local restaurant, or just perch on a cafe terrace and let yourself fall in love with your very own Paris.

Program Offerings

ABS semester courses are offered to full time students, in which international undergraduate students attend classes with their ABS peers. Students at ABS are registered for 12-15 total academic credits. Students can take many of the ABS regular courses according to their needs and it is suggested to take one French Language course. Students desiring advanced French not offered by ABS, may take courses through a special arrangement at the Sorbonne for an additional fee.

ABS Offers Semester Business Courses in:

Accounting, Management, Business Law, International Business, Business Ethics, Finance, Economics, Advertising, Marketing, Logistics, Statistics.

General Semester Courses also offered may include: International Relations, Politics, History, Law, Foreign Languages (French, Spanish, German), English, Art, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology.

A full selection of courses can be found here.


Students pay MU tuition (in-state or out-of-state depending on residency), the mandatory MU technology fee and an ABS program charge directly to Millersville. There is an additional non-refundable, non-transferable MU program participation fee and application fee paid directly to Millersville, due at the time of application. Students pay separately for accommodations.

The ABS program charge covers a pre-departure orientation, tuition differential, mandatory ABS student council membership and an orientation program to the city of Paris and ABS.

Costs not included are: meals, passport, the French visa, airfare, airport transportation, books and supplies and incidental expenses such as clothing, personal travel or entertainment. Please note, extra charges may apply for students staying the entire year.

There are additional fees for advanced French courses taken through the University of Sorbonne, a French museum course and for internship placements (please consult the Office of Global Education and Partnerships).

Below are the most recent estimated cost worksheets for the Fall, Spring, Summer, and Academic Year semesters at ABS:



ABS will facilitate housing arrangements. There are two options available.

OPTION 1: Homestay - Homestays are usually located in Paris or close by in the suburbs, and always near a metro. This option enables students to immerse themselves in both French culture and language. All homestays include breakfast and students can choose to add between 1-5 dinners per week for an additional cost (see cost worksheet for estimated prices). Full payment is due to the homestay agency in Paris in advance of the student's arrival for accomodations.

OPTION 2: Shared Apartments - Students will be placed with other exchange students in furnished apartments within Paris or nearby suburbs and near a metro. Apartments are double-occupancy and have internet connection, shared common areas, and washing machines. Students pay the residence agent directly for their apartment. An invoice will be generated and sent to the student once an apartment is assigned.  A deposit may or may not be required in advance and in all cases, full payment will be due upon arrival in Paris.

Financial Assistance

Students should investigate loans that may be available, such as application for Federal Student Aid.  Scholarships have individual regulations, and students should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if their scholarship is transferable.  Another option is to research scholarships online or stop by our office for additional opportunities.


Students may choose to study at ABS for a semester or for a full academic year. The academic calendar runs similar to many American universities. The fall semester begins in mid-September and ends in approximately the third week of December, and the spring semester begins in mid-January and ends in mid-May.


Most students who have studied abroad have traditionally been juniors. However, Millersville students can and do study abroad anytime after they have completed their first year or 24 credits. A limited number of participants are accepted for the exchange each year, and the selection may be competitive. Students should complete the application for direct student exchange one semester before wishing to go abroad. Please stop by the Global Education & Partnerships Office to pick up an application and ask about deadlines. A minimum of a 2.5 GPA and two letters of recommendations from MU professors are also required. The Director of Global Education & Partnerships will review applications and a selection will be made shortly thereafter.

Transfer of Credit

Students should work with their advisors to select courses which will fit into their major(s), minor(s), and General Education Requirements, if appropriate. 

Students should work with their advisors to select courses that will fit into their major and General Education Requirements. A request for Study Abroad Resident Credits form, available through the Office of Global Education and Partnerships, must be completed before the student leaves. After the study abroad program is completed and a transcript is sent to Millersville University, the Registrar's office determines the final transfer of credit. All courses taken at ABS will come back to Millersville as transfer courses, as if you had taken them at another U.S. institutiton.  Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog ("Transfer Credit") for the transfer policy.

To Apply

To Apply

Refer to Global Education's home page at for the application release date and the final application deadline for each cycle. Approximate deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • Spring: mid-Sept
  • Fall: mid-February
  • Year-long: mid-February

Before downloading and submitting an application to study abroad through this program, students are STRONGLY encouraged to research the program thoroughly and discuss their plans with the Office of Global Education, their academic advisor(s) and any family members or other parties involved in the decision making process.

To apply, click on the following link to be directed to the "To Apply" webpage. Be sure to read all instructions before completing an application to study abroad: To Apply webpage