Design Major Portfolio Review Submission - BDes

Design Review

The Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) degree and major in Interactive and Graphic Design aim is to provide students credentials that accurately reflect their educational experiences as they have evolved in our existing interactive and graphic design curriculum. Ultimately the new degree will more clearly communicate to employers, what is offered within the program and what professional skills are being acquired by our graduates. 

After you read the below instructions, please click this link to submit to the Design Portfolio Review Form
Design Portfolio Review Form Submission

Design Review Content

Students wishing to enter into Millersville with a degree of Bachelor of Design (BDes) have two different options.

1. Design Projects:
Visually communicate the design projects below (you may use any medium to complete the design test below)
A. Water conservation
B. A significant event in your life
C. American Influence

Note: These projects should be substantial in nature. Design projects will be evaluated regarding creativity, critical thinking, and quality.


2. Design Portfolio Review:
Your electronic portfolio must include a total of 10-15 pieces that shows design thinking identified by title, media, and the dimensions of the original piece. The works can be from any medium be it computer generated, hand drawn, physically built or etc. We are very open minded to various mediums that go beyond traditional Art.  

Both types of Design Review Submissions should follow section “2. Creating your electronic portfolio” in the Design Review Process below.

Design Review Process

1.  Applying to the department for the BDes degree.

Freshman, Transfer and Graduate/Certification Students - For admission into the Department of Art & Design apply to the Office of Admissions at Millersville University for general acceptance. On the general application you will be advised to create an electronic portfolio on  Enter the URL in the last field of the Design Review Form.  Please follow the guidelines under section titled "Design Projects or Design Portfolio Review Link" when creating your work. 

Internal Transfers -  If you are currently enrolled within Millersville University and wish to change your major create a portfolio on and enter the URL in the last field of the Design Review Form.  Please follow the guidelines under section titled "Design Review Content" when creating your work.

2.  Creating your electronic portfolio.

  1. Sign up for a flickr account at (
  2. Upload photos.
  3. Check the "public" setting as your privacy setting.
  4. Provide descriptions of your works as needed.
  5. Test/view your portfolio to make sure all images are uploaded.
  6. Copy and paste the URL from of your Flickr portfolio into the "Submission Form". Please keep in mind that if the URL you supply on your form reads as "" we will not be able to view your work but asked to log-in to your account.
  7. Please note: Flicker has a sensitivity filter and although drawings from live models would be acceptable by our reviewers, Flicker may block your work from public viewing.

3.  The Review.

On the first Friday of every month (September-May) throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, the Design Review Committee reviews all the portfolios that were submitted to the department.  

Timeline Guidance: Please remember, the guidelines noted below are purposed to guide you for efficiency.  Missing any of the below deadlines does not mean that your portfolio will not be reviewed, nor that any changes to your major, nor minor will be processed, it simply sets you up for a smoother registration process.  The actual deadlines for Change of Major/Minor Forms will be displayed in the "Announcement" column of The Office of Academic Advisement's web page.

Fall Registration: In order to receive full consideration to register for fall classes, please ensure your portfolio is submitted by the February portfolio review.  The Office of Academic Advisement establishes change of major/minor deadlines for any degree alterations in early March. This processing time is needed for your forms to be processed.  Students can begin registering for the fall semester in April. 

Spring Registration: In order to receive full consideration to register for spring classes, please ensure your portfolio is submitted for the September portfolio review.  The Office of Academic Advisement establishes change of major/minor deadlines for any degree alterations in early October.  Students can begin to register for spring classes in October.  

4.  Notification.

Freshman, Transfer and Graduate/Certification Students - The department forwards their recommendation to the Undergraduate/ Graduate Office of Admissions.  They will notify the applicant on the status of their application to the University and to the department.

Note: The design review is only a component of the general application of students who desire to declare an design major and does not denote admission into the University. If you haven't completed a general application you will not receive the results of your portfolio.  Please keep in mind, we operate with a multi-person review committee; this is the same manner as design programs nationwide.  Individual feedback or critiquing will not be supplied.

Internal Transfers - Internal transfers will receive an e-mail to to the e-mail account they entered on the Design Review Submission Form from the department notifying them of the status of their submission. If applicable, the applicant will be directed to complete a Change of Major Form and submit it to the Office of Academic Advisement.  The form will not only allow assignment to your designated major but also to an advisor within the department.

Please note that entrance into the BA - Art, BFA - Art and BSE - Art Education require a Portfolio Submission (Art Submission page).