Gerontology Minor

Gerontology Minor

The Millersville University Gerontology Minor is an applied multidisciplinary program which offers academic and experiential learning that explores the life course model with a focus on aging and gerontology. Students examine biological, cultural, economic, political, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of aging against the backdrop of diverse contexts and system sizes. These would include communities and groups, as well as the dynamics of the older individuals and their families and the organizations that serve them.


  • Students will gain the knowledge and skills required for effective and ethical work with the aging population.
  • Students will solidify their understanding of the aging process, including multiple dimensions within multiple contexts. 
  • Prepare students for employment in professions dealing with aging or aging-related issues.
  • Equip students to assume leadership and advocacy roles, in diverse settings, that will serve the aging population.          

Contact the Director

Dr. Joyus Bethel
Gerontology Minor Coordinator
218B McComsey Hall
(717) 871-5927