Who's Who in the HSS Dean's Office

Who's Who in the Dean's Office

Affiliation Agreements DJ
Astra Training DJ
Budgets Lina
Cascade Training DJ
Change of Grade Orlando
Classroom Reservations
(Non-University Affiliated Group)
Conference Services
Classroom Reservations (Non-Academic) Registrar
Classroom Scheduling (Academic) DJ
College Council Joyce
Complement/Faculty Load Orlando or Lina
Coop/Internships Orlando
Curricular Changes Orlando
Dean's Schedule DJ
Direct Payment Forms Lina or DJ
Exceptions to Grad. Requirements Orlando
Facilities DJ or Lina
Faculty Reappointment Materials Joyce
Ford Atrium DJ
II/IS Orlando
Lock/Key Requests DJ
McComsey 266 Reservations DJ
Myers Auditorium (McComsey 260) Registrar
Non-Tenure Evaluation DJ
Post-Tenure Evaluation DJ
Promotion & Tenure DJ
Resource Requests Lina
Special Events DJ
Student Concerns Orlando
Telling Our Story DJ
TPTF Evaluation Orlando
TPTF/RPT Appointment Orlando or Lina
Travel Requests/Vouchers Lina
Websites DJ