Awards and Honors

Sociology/Anthropology Department Senior Awards for Excellence

Sociology/Anthropology Department Senior Awards for Excellence – awarded to graduating seniors who have achieved excellent grades, undertaken honors theses or other independent research projects and contributed to the department, the university and the community through leadership and service.

Anth/Arch: Tanny Sanderson (2014), Maria Jacome Ottati (2015)

Anth: Amy Colm, Margret Wilson, Robin Talmadge, and Victoria Stilley (2014), Emma Williamson (2015)

Soc: Virginia K. Handley (2014), Chelsey Ann Wirth (2015)

Soc/Crim: Benjamin P. Shoff, Amarilys Rivera-Plaza, and Christine Harrison Mahrer (2015)

George and Helen Stine Award

Drs. George and Helen A. ’64 Stine Sociology Award – awarded annually to an outstanding sociology major who is a “rising junior” with a GPA in the major of at least 3.0 and an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Jessica DeLoriea 2015

Thelmelis Abreu 2014

Krystal Prince 2013

Kellen Hughes 2012

Vanessa Blanco 2011