Dr. Carrie Lee Smith

Dr. Carrie Lee Smith

Dr. Carrie Lee Smith

Associate Professor of Sociology

Office: McComsey 231
Phone: 717-871-7478

Office Hours

T: 12:15 to 2:15 pm
W: 9:00 to 10:00 am
R: 12:15 to 2:15 pm
Comments: & by appointment. Office Hours are for Spring 2018.

Additional Information


Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, 2004

M.A. Vanderbilt University, 1998

B.A. University of California at Santa Cruz, 1996

Research and Scholarly Interests:

Sociology of Reproduction and Birth; Medical Sociology; Sex and Gender; Work and the Professions; Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of the Family; Animals and Society; Sociological Practice and Public Sociology; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Selected Publications:

Lively, Kathryn J. and Carrie L. Smith. Forthcoming. “Identity and Illness.” In The Handbook of the Sociology of Health, Illness and Healing: Blueprint for the 21st Century, edited by Bernice Pescosolido, Jack K. Martin, Jane d. MacLeod and Anne Rogers. Springer Press. [Expected date of publication: 2011]

McCammon, Holly J., Soma Chaudhuri, Lyndi Hewitt, Courtney Sanders Muse, Harmony D. Newman, Carrie Lee Smith, and Teresa M. Terrell. 2008. “Becoming Full Citizens: The U.S. Women’s Jury Rights Campaigns, the Pace of Reform, and Strategic Adaptation.” American Journal of Sociology 113(4): 1104-1147.

Brown, Tony N., Koji Ueno, Carrie L. Smith, Noel S. Austin, and Len Bickman. 2007. “Communication Patterns in Medical Encounters for the Treatment of Child Psychosocial Problems: Does Pediatrician-Parent Concordance Matter? Health Communication 21(3): 247-256.

Smith, Carrie L. 2006. “The New Racism and the Changing Beauty Norm.” Bad Subjects Issue 76. (http://bad.eserver.org/issues/2006/76/raceandbeauty.html)

Selected Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Entries:

Smith, Carrie L. “Gynecology.” 2009. In Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, edited by Jodi O’Brien and Eve Shapiro (editors). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Smith, Carrie Lee. 2008. Review of Surrogate Motherhood and the Politics of Reproduction by Susan Markens. In American Journal of Sociology114(3): 866-868.

Smith, Carrie L. 2005. Review of The Company Doctor: Risk, Responsibility, and Corporate Professionalism by Elaine Draper. In Work and Occupations 31(3): 401-403.

Courses Taught at Millersville:

SOCY 101: Introduction to Sociology

SOCY 210: Sociology of the Family

SOCY 211: Social Problems

SOCY 302: Social Statistics

SOCY 305: Social Research Methods

SOCY 315: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCY 317: Sociology of Health

SOCY 329: Topics – Reproduction, Birth and Society

Selected University and Program Connections:

Chair, Teaching Social Problems Section (2010-2012)

Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)


Co-Chair, Committee on the Status of Women (2010-2012)

Easter Sociological Society (ESS)


Secretary, Board of Directors (2009-2012)

Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations


Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum & Program Review Committee (2009-2012)

President, Friends of Ganser Library Board (2009-2011)

Faculty Senate

Asian/Asian-American Studies Steering Committee

Passions & Distractions:

Reading anything under the sun; baseball (San Francisco Giants); ice hockey (San Jose Sharks); Tsarist Russia and Royalty history; murder mysteries; cooking and baking; animals; absurdist humor