Assistant Professor and MSW Co-Coordinator

Dr. Marc Felizzi

Dr. Marc Felizzi

Assistant Professor and MSW Co-Coordinator
Office: Stayer 312
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Fax: 717.871.7941

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Additional Information

Dr. Marc Felizzi earned his Master’s in Social Work at Delaware State University and his PhD in Social Work at Widener University.  He has spent the last 25 years studying the effects of family violence, juvenile violence, and the consequences of family instability on youth. Dr. Felizzi has written extensively on these topics, and his findings and opinions have appeared in local and national publications. He has been interviewed on a number of national radio and television shows regarding juvenile violence. Dr. Felizzi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work where he teaches Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Family Violence, Social Work Practice, and Youth Violence and Corrections. He also teaches classes in conjunction with the Master of Science in Emergency Management program in Emergency Mental Health and Trauma. Dr. Felizzi is active on a number of community boards, including the Lancaster County Behavioral Health and Disability Services, the New Castle County Interagency Council, and the Newark, DE, Interagency Council. He is also a member of the Delaware chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, where he works eith the Ethical Practice committee Dr. Felizzi also has a thriving clinical practice in Wilmington, DE where he works with children, adolescents, and their families. He is a member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and a local board member of the National Association for Mental Health.

Recent Scholarship, Publications and Presentations


Felizzi, M. Family Instability and the Relationship to Juvenile Sex Offender Status Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. August, 2015

Felizzi, M. Emotional Abuse and the Relationship to Juvenile Sex Offending Advanced Generalist Social Work Journal, accepted for publication September 2014.

Felizzi, M. A Review of The Politics of Engagement and Disengagement. (Book review). Journal of Community Engagement, August, 2014.


Felizzi, M.,Global Well Being Conference: Homelessness, Poverty and Juvenile Sex Offending Millersville University, Lancaster PA, June, 2016.

Felizzi, M., American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences: The Relationships Among Parent and Caregiver Instability and Disrupted Attachment on Juvenile Sex Offending Status. Las Vegas, NV, February, 2016.


Felizzi, M. & Rice, K. (2015). Global youth: Understanding challenges, identifying solutions, offering hope (pp. 34-48). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Advanced Generalist Social Work Journal. (2014). The relationships among emotional abuse, parent and caregiver instability, and disrupted attachment on juvenile sex offending status.

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. (2015). Caregiver Instability and Juvenile Sex Offending.

Editorial Board Member

 Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

 Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma

 Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma

 Journal of Family Violence

 Journal of Child Custody

 Journal of Behavioral Sciences