Bio 466 Course Materials

Spring 2014 Lab Results

     PCR Agarose Gels

1.  Jan et al.

2.  Erin and Clarence

3.  Amanda et al.

4.  Pam and Jenn S.

5.  All four PCR gels

     cDNA Library Screen

1.  X-Ray of All Ten Membranes

     DNA Fragmentation

1.  All four DNA gels

2.  Amanda et al.'s DNA gel

3.  Pam et al.'s DNA gel

4.  Kyra et al.'s DNA gel

5.  DNA gel from Spring 2009

     Coomassie Stained Gels and Western Blots   

1.  Sample from Spring 2011

2.  All three gels/blots from Spring 2014

     Manual Sequencing Results

1.  Kyra et al. sequencing film

2.  Amanda et al. sequencing film

3.  Both sequencing films, Spring 2014