Commencement Starts 11:30 Saturday

Due to rain in the forecast Saturday morning, the start time of the undergraduate ceremony has been delayed until 11:30 a.m. There will still be one ceremony outside in Biemesderfer Stadium. Gates open at 10 a.m.

John M. Hughes

Prof. John M. Hughes

Prof. John M. Hughes

Director, Respiratory Therapy Program

Additional Information


AS, Graduate, of St Joseph Hospital School of Respiratory Therapy / York College
BPS, Elizabethtown College
M. Ed. , Pennsylvania State University

Courses Taught:

RESP 411 Respiratory Care Techniques I
RESP 412 Principles of Aerosol & Gas Therapy
RESP 413 Pulmonary Assessment and Therapeutics
RESP 414 Respiratory Care Techniques II
RESP 417 Respiratory Care Techniques III
RESP 419 Respiratory Care in Alternate Sites
RESP 424 Non-Infectious Diseases
RESP 430 Clinical Practice I
RESP 431 Clinical Practice II
RESP 495 Respiratory Care Research

Areas of Specialization:

All aspects of respiratory medicine, asthma management, pulmonary mechanics, physiology, and pathophysiology.

Research Interest(s):

Aerosol medication delivery and deposition, alveolar stability and recruitment, assessment-driven patient care.

Independent Research:

"Evaluation of four spontaneous breathing maneuvers with statistical comparison of alveolar filling gradients produced by each," presented at Respiratory Care Open Forum, AARC Annual Meeting, Anaheim , California , 1981

"Use of Radioactively Tagged Aerosol to Evaluate Nebulizer Placement and Mode During Mechanical Ventilation in an In Vitro Study," 1986.

Selected Publication(s):

"Post-Operative Pulmonary Care - Past, Present, and Future," Critical Care Quarterly, September, 1983

"Effects of Nebulizer Mode and Position in a Mechanical Ventilator Circuit on Dose Efficiency", Respiratory Care, December 1987

"Origin or Pawn...How do You Fit into the Future of Respiratory Care?", PS News, Vol. 6, No: 3, Winter 1991

"Our responsibility: We must be visionaries", Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners, June 8, 1992 ; Vol. 5, No: 23

"Taking Quality up the Scale", RT, J. Respir Care Pract, Vol 7, No.: 6, 1994

"Positioning RC Services for Success: A Year of Change and Making Change Work", AARC Times, Vol. 20, No. 3, March 1996

“Mosby's CPG Mentor: Patient Cases in Respiratory Care: Aerosol Therapy”, Respiratory Care, May 1999 Vol. 44, No: 5

“Professional Unity – Let's Commit to It!”, The PSNews, Summer 1999

“Personnel Crisis? – What Personnel Crisis?”, The PSNews, Fall 2001