John M. Hughes

Prof. John M. Hughes

Prof. John M. Hughes

Director, Respiratory Therapy Program

Additional Information


AS, Graduate, of St Joseph Hospital School of Respiratory Therapy / York College
BPS, Elizabethtown College
M. Ed. , Pennsylvania State University

Courses Taught:

RESP 411 Respiratory Care Techniques I
RESP 412 Principles of Aerosol & Gas Therapy
RESP 413 Pulmonary Assessment and Therapeutics
RESP 414 Respiratory Care Techniques II
RESP 417 Respiratory Care Techniques III
RESP 419 Respiratory Care in Alternate Sites
RESP 424 Non-Infectious Diseases
RESP 430 Clinical Practice I
RESP 431 Clinical Practice II
RESP 495 Respiratory Care Research

Areas of Specialization:

All aspects of respiratory medicine, asthma management, pulmonary mechanics, physiology, and pathophysiology.

Research Interest(s):

Aerosol medication delivery and deposition, alveolar stability and recruitment, assessment-driven patient care.

Independent Research:

"Evaluation of four spontaneous breathing maneuvers with statistical comparison of alveolar filling gradients produced by each," presented at Respiratory Care Open Forum, AARC Annual Meeting, Anaheim , California , 1981

"Use of Radioactively Tagged Aerosol to Evaluate Nebulizer Placement and Mode During Mechanical Ventilation in an In Vitro Study," 1986.

Selected Publication(s):

"Post-Operative Pulmonary Care - Past, Present, and Future," Critical Care Quarterly, September, 1983

"Effects of Nebulizer Mode and Position in a Mechanical Ventilator Circuit on Dose Efficiency", Respiratory Care, December 1987

"Origin or Pawn...How do You Fit into the Future of Respiratory Care?", PS News, Vol. 6, No: 3, Winter 1991

"Our responsibility: We must be visionaries", Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners, June 8, 1992 ; Vol. 5, No: 23

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