Seth Martin

Seth Martin

Seth Martin

Major: Biology

Class Year: 2018
Hometown: East Earl, PA

Additional Information

I have been involved in research with the Cebra-Thomas lab since Summer 2016. I study a population of migrating, multipotent cells called neural crest cells, their role in the formation of the turtle shell, and potential connections to human skull formation.

Inspirations (for major, research, internship):
The guiding inspiration for my major, my research, and my employment is my faith-based desire to advance human healthcare both as a researcher and as a clinician.

Highlights (from courses/internship/research):
In addition to the great science courses like Dr. Miller’s two-semester Biochemistry series, I appreciated Dr. Smith’s Medical Sociology, in which we investigated the ethics that inform our usage of scientific methods. One of the greatest highlights from my research was generating beautiful pictures that led to original findings about the characteristics of neural crest cells.

Takeaway (from courses/internship/research):
While my course work at MU has provided an extensive foundation of knowledge, it also encouraged critical thinking – a skill that’s much more valuable than the knowledge alone. Research was beneficial because it unequivocally demonstrated on multiple occasions that even the best planning doesn’t preclude all the problems.

Advice (for incoming freshman in my shoes):
The old platitude is true: You get out what you put in. Disciplined attention in class, careful studying, and persistent attention to detail pay remarkable dividends on exam day and beyond. Determine to learn as much as you can instead of bemoaning your college workload.

Aspirations (upon graduation):
Following a gap year after graduation, I plan to attend medical school to be trained as a family physician. I would love to serve the Amish and Mennonite communities here in Lancaster County.

If you are currently employed in your field, please provide professional information, where you work, when you started, etc.:
I was trained as a certified nurse’s assistant in late 2015, and I started my current job in February 2016 at Fairmount Homes, a long-term care facility in Ephrata, PA. I work part-time, mostly on weekends and during semester breaks.

What has been the most significant and/or exciting aspect of your work?
The most significant aspect of my job has been the social development – from working as part of a care team to honing my “bedside manner,” i.e., how to relate to and communicate with the people I serve.