Dr. Stephanie Marie Schwartz

Dr. Stephanie Marie Schwartz

Grant Title

Developing an Upper-Level Robotics Elective for a Computer Science Curriculum

Faculty Involved

Stephanie Elzer


May 1, 2007 - September 1, 2007

Funding Agency

PASSHE Professional Development Grant



Extra Information

Papers: cs.millersville.edu/~csweb/lib/userfiles/selzer/publications/Workman-final.doc


The upper-level robotics elective has not been offered by the Computer Science Department of Millersville University in over a decade.  Meanwhile, the last year has brought significant changes to the resources available for such a course in terms of both software (such as Microsoft's new Robotics Studio) and robotics hardware (such as the new LEGO NXT platform).  Redefining this course so that it capitalizes on the recent technology developments, thus making it more relevant to today's computer science majors, will be a major undertaking.  However, this professional development will not only expand my expertise, but will also offer a rich platform for involving undergraduates in research.  This curriculum development project is enthusiastically supported by the students, the department, and the administration.