Unidata Regional Workshop

Unidata Regional Workshop

10-21-2013 - 10-22-2013

2013 Unidata Regional Workshop - sponsored and hosted by Millersville University.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide introductory and advanced training in the use of Unidata's Integrated Data Viewer (IDV), and to present use cases of IDV and other Unidata services (data and tools) in the classroom.

The workshop will also include a presentation and hands-on session showcasing the GEOScience Probe of Discovery (GEOPOD), a National Science Foundation funded project that leverages Unidata's IDV to create an interactive 3-D learning environment where students can navigate a virtual probe through real geophysical data and actuate devices to explore and discover the atmosphere. More information on GEOPOD can be found at http://millersvillecs.github.io/geopod/.

In addition to the training opportunity, Dr. Mohan Ramamurthy (Unidata Program Director) will open the workshop with a discussion of the Unidata Strategic Plan. Dr Ramamurthy will be here to gather community input. There will be both formal and informal opportunities to participate in the discussions concerning the Unidata Strategic Plan at the workshop.

Registration is free and limited funding to help defray travel expenses will be available to the workshop participants. Lunches, coffee breaks and a reception on the evening of Sunday, October 20, will be covered by Millersville University.

For more information and registration contact Sepi Yalda at sepi.yalda@millersville.edu.