October 6, 2016 Colloquium

Locating Mutations in the Human PCSK6 Gene using Whole Genome Sequencing

Xin Li, Department of Physics, Millersville University

Abstract: When an atom, molecule or nanoparticle is irradiated by a laser beam, it will emit radiation, either as scattered light or resonance fluorescence. When the small particle is located near an interface, the emitted radiation will interfere with the reflected radiation, and this alters the radiation pattern. This problem was already studied by Sommerfeld in the 1950’s, when he considered the effect of the Earth on the radiation pattern of dipole radiation emitted by an antenna, and the energy flow pattern exhibits a vortex structure. It was recently shown that when dipole radiation in a dielectric, the energy flow lines have a vortex structure. We observed the interference pattern of two linear dipoles, at different separations and phase angles in the near and far fields. In particular, the energy flow pattern in the near field between the two dipoles can be complicated and contain singularities and vortices.

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Location: Wickersham 201, Millersville University

Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm