Student Profile

Douglas Burkholder

Douglas Burkholder

Major: Mathematics Education

Class Year: Senior
Hometown: Ephrata, PA

Additional Information

     Senior Douglas Burkholder is pursuing a BSEd in mathematics. In high school, Douglas was proficient in mathematics and came to Millersville University with math as his declared major.  After being at Millersville for a couple of years, he decided he wanted to purse a teaching degree in the field.  The University has a strong reputation for preparing mathematics teachers, so Douglas had no doubt about his newly declared path.

     As a student, Douglas has been recognized for many awards and honors such as Dean's List, Chairman's List, the Mathematics Faculty Award, the Edna Myers Scholarship, and the Class of 1928 Award.  While he is currently a commuter student, Douglas did live on campus for two years and greatly enjoy the college life experience.  Adjusting to the college life was easy and he made friendships that would help him through his mathematical education.  

     When he was a junior, he participated in a research project with an ophthalmologist at the Lancaster Health Campus, where he collected data and analyzed statistics on the risk of children with certain vision problems developed from amblyopia.  Douglas' favorite class was introduction to mathematical proof taught by Dr. Cardwell.  He loved the higher level mathematics he learned and the ability to apply applications from this class to other disciplines in his life.  Furthermore, he states that the labs and mathematical software available to all mathematics students helps them with their classes and student teaching. 

     After graduation, Douglas is going to purse a teaching career, while also applying for graduate school to seek a master's degree.  He credits the program and University for his preparedness for any and all of his future endeavors.  All of his hands-on student teaching has prepared him for his expected classroom career.  Douglas' advice to prospective students is, "Regardless of the major you choose, making long-term relationships with friends and professors will greatly help you along in your journey.  It is these relationships that provide you support and guidance throughout your college career."