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Arynn Cooper

Arynn Cooper

Major: Geography, concentrating in Geospatial Applications and minor in Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management

Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Wellsboro, PA

Additional Information


I interned at the Tioga County Department of Emergency Services in the Summer of 2017. I collected data from fire hydrants in my county by visiting each one and pinpointing its location.


I have always enjoyed geography classes throughout my years of schooling and the information was easy for me to grasp and retain. I'm always fascinated with the earth and how everything in interconnected. I have family members who are volunteer firefighters, which made my internship interesting because it involved emergency services as well.


I now have been to every town in my county and know the majority of the roads. I got to meet fire chiefs of the departments and have future connections if I need them.


I learned from my internship that communication is the hardest obstacle to get through to have a completed project within a certain time frame. Every person I came in contact with to meet up to do the department's fire hydrants had a different schedule from my regular work schedule. Just communicating the general project out to the entire county who needed to be involved was difficult because not all members received it the way it was delivered. So I had to snail mail, email, call, text, and physically seek out the people to get the answers I needed.


Incoming freshman should definitely get to know their advisor because that advisor can help them guide them in the right direction. I didn't come in as geography major, but I still took general education courses in geography and liked the professors and the subject material. Freshman should enjoy their chosen major and not feel lost in it, like I did in my original major of meteorology.


I have no idea what I want to do as a career upon graduation yet. There's so many options.