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Toussaint Mejia

Toussaint Mejia

Major: Geography with a minor in OSEH

Class Year: 2017
Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Additional Information


I recently obtained an internship position with the storm water department in Providence Township here in Lancaster, PA. Part of my responsibility while working with the storm water department will be mapping locations of storm water inlets and gathering samples of storm water that will be tested for purity.


Growing up I've always had a respect and appreciation for the environment. As a child, I was able to experience living in a village called Carlos Diaz located on a mountain in the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic. While visiting my grandmother in Carlos Diaz during the summer months I was able to get a taste of how it was for my family growing up, which gave me perspective that I would not have otherwise. I may not have realized what I had at my fingertips as a youth, when I was running around in nature throwing rocks at trees to knock down fresh fruit, but now as I am older and the community that my family called home was destroyed due to the effects of a landslide I can reflect and appreciate the beauty of having access to such a unique environment. My interest in the environment helped me decide to pick geography as a major.


One of the major things I learned once I started my coursework in geography is how versatile the field of geography actually is. Aside from the environmental aspect I already knew was a part of Geography, I was able to see how it has social and political aspects as well. Seeing the versatility with in the field made me see how great the potential opportunities within the field are.


One piece of advice that I would offer to incoming freshmen is that patience is key to success in the collegiate world. It is not easy to come to the decision of choosing a Major and it could take time or even multiple attempts to selecting what you feel is best for you. I could offer to provide a different approach to take towards the schooling process. I like to think of succeeding in school as playing game. Like any good player or sports team, you need a game plan to prepare for the challenges ahead. Part of that game plan has to be practice in the academic realm that would be doing assignments and taking time to study. Like an athlete you still have to take timeouts to stretch and give your body an opportunity to relax and recover. Don't do what I like to call over studying: spending too much times studying for one thing and stressing yourself out to the point where your inhibiting you ability to succeed. Lastly, you need confidence that your game plan works, you've prepared effectively and in your ability to perform under when it counts. Approaching classes with this mind state has helped me succeed here at Millersville University and hopefully could help others who find themselves in need of a little guidance along their journey.

For those who are currently struggling with the decision of picking a major, I encourage you to attempt a geography course such as Human Geography with Dr. Cuthbert or Political Geography with Dr. Shanahan. You may find that there is something for you within the field of Geography!


I'm not sure exactly what job title I'm going to strive to obtain right out of school, however, I know I want to do something where I can see that I am making a difference in the life of others. To me that would be considered meaningful work.