Admissions Notification

Once your application file is sent to the department; it is entirely up to the department's reviewing schedule as to when decisions are made. For programs with rolling admissions, the files are reviewed as quickly as possible and in the order that they become complete. For programs with application deadlines, the review process may take as many as four to six weeks depending on the complexity of the review process (personal interviews, portfolio evaluations, etc.).

When a recommendation to admit or not admit an applicant has been reached, the department forwards their decision to the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning for final approval by the graduate dean. If you are offered admission, the dean's letter of admission will include an Admission Response Form. The process of admission is not complete until you have submitted this form to the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning and are cleared to enroll in courses. Admission to graduate studies is offered only by the graduate dean and only for the time period and program specified in the official admission letter.

As you might expect, we get excited to offer admission to our applicants, and we hope to hear back from them quickly. In general, and unless otherwise indicated, we expect to hear back from the applicant within 30 days receipt of the admission offer letter, but no later than the first day of the term of admission.

We strive to ensure that every applicant who completes a graduate application will receive fair treatment and, at the earliest possible time, notification of the decision reached on his/her application.

  • Application Deadlines And Required Materials

    While most graduate programs offer rolling admissions (no application deadline), several programs have one or more application deadlines for specific academic terms (semesters) of entry. Required application materials also vary by program. Please click on the link below for specific information about the admissions timelines and required application materials for your program of interest.

    Application Timelines and Requirements Chart