Student Profiles - Preetham Moras

Student Profiles - Preetham Moras

Preetham Moras

Class Year: 2012
Business Management
Tumkur, India

When did you come to the United States?
Summer of 2008.

What are the biggest cultural differences between schools in India and schools in the United States?
In India, schools are stricter than U.S. schools. Professors in the U.S. are more friendly and easier to reach out, whereas in India, talking and asking for help from a professor is not common.

Why did you choose Millersville?
The positive experiences and comments from my friends made me consider choosing Millersville. After I made my first visit to the college and talked to the faculty and students, I felt even more confident that I was making the right decision.

What are some of your most memorable accomplishments?
Winning the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Doubles Championship with my fellow teammate Drew Slocum in fall 2010, being awarded as the PSAC Men's Tennis Athlete of the Week on April 18, 2011, and the Millersville tennis team winning the bid to play in the NCAA tournament are my most memorable accomplishments at Millersville.

Winning a national tennis tournament in the junior’s category and breaking in the top 10 in the national junior’s category were some of the highlights on my accomplishments in India.

What organizations are you involved with on campus?
I serve as a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), public relations officer of the Asian and Friends Affiliation (AFA) and secretary of the International Relations Club (IRC). I joined these organizations to meet new people and make better use of the free time I had in my hand, but gradually these organizations taught me leadership qualities and made me more knowledgeable on issues regarding diversity and different perspectives.

Do you have a part-time job?
Yes, I work in Millersville University's information technology department helping Barry Walton, academic systems specialist, as a student assistant. I also help maintain the website for the University’s Entrepreneur Leadership Center (ELC).

How many languages can you speak/write?
I can read and write four languages: Hindi, Kannada, Konkani and English.

How many times a year do you visit your family in India?
I visit my family in India once every year during summer vacation.

Have you travelled outside of Pennsylvania since your time at Millersville?
I have been to New York, South Carolina, New Jersey and Virginia since I started studying at Millersville.

What do you want to do after graduation at Millersville?
I am planning to go to graduate school for sports management here at Millersville University.