Millersville Admissions - Student Profiles - Seth Sponhouse

Seth Sponhouse

Class Year: 2013
Middle level education with a concentration in social studies
Williamsport, Pa.

What organizations are you involved with on campus?
All Campus Musical Organization (ACMO), the Students Helping Admissions Recruiting Program (SHARP) Team and the Marching Band.

Can you talk about your role as a member of these organizations and one reason you chose to join each one?
ACMO: Because I have always been involved in musical theater my whole life and wanted to continue doing that when I came to school.

Marching Band: Because I knew coming to school I wanted to get involved early, before the fall semester started, and marching band was a great way for that to happen. The meet-the-band-days and marching band camp was a great way for me to make friends before ever stepping foot on campus as a student.

SHARP Team: Because I love the campus and the school atmosphere so much I wanted to reach out to high school seniors as they search for the school that fits them.

Why do you feel as a college student it is important to get involved in organizations?
Getting involved with an organization – any organization – is a HUGE part of what makes college so great. Getting involved in something that you care about can help you become a better student, a better community leader and a better member of the campus community. Getting involved in any organization here at Millersville can help you form life-long friendships that could eventually turn into valuable career connections.

How does it feel as a drum major to be in charge of a marching band of 140 kids?
I wouldn’t phrase it that I am “in charge” of 140 students. I would never say that I was in charge of anyone; until I have a classroom of my own I don’t want that responsibility yet. As drum major, my main goal was to make sure that everyone knew what they had to know. One of my favorite quotes is “with certainty the threat of failure disappears.” This philosophy is what I pushed or at least tried to pass on to everyone I was “in charge” of because with certainty you can move forward with confidence and with determination, whether this meant on the field, stage or in life.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus?
That changes with the day sometimes; right now it would be Dutcher Hall mainly because that is where I am working for the most part. But you can never go wrong grabbing a couch in the Student Memorial Center or a bench by Swan Pond.

Do you have a favorite class/professor?
Victor Capecce, in the communication and theatre department, and don't let him know, but I have never learned more from a single person in my life.

Do you have a favorite band/artist?
I like everything, I really don't have a favorite but I when I want to relax my Jack Johnson station on Pandora always does the trick.

After graduation, what do you see yourself doing?
Teaching middle school social studies, hopefully.

How about 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?
If I'm lucky, working my way through the administration staff of a school district.

Name one thing you will miss most about Millersville upon graduation.
Miss most? Besides my friends, some of the professors, I'll miss this place that I've called home for four years. The food, the feeling I get walking across campus, and the voices I hear, I'll miss it all.