Student Profiles - Chase Godfrey

Student Profiles - Chase Godfrey

Chase Godfrey

Class: 2013
Major: History Education
Hometown: Skippack, Pa.
Sport: Football/Wrestling
Position: Offensive Line, Heavyweight 

Chase Godfrey, an offensive lineman for the Marauders as well as a heavyweight wrestler, has had a busy career as a Millersville student-athlete. Juggling two sports and a landscaping job, Godfrey is very focused and driven individual, he puts his schoolwork before sports, a strategy which has contributed to his success at Millersville.

When did you start playing football and wrestling?
I started doing both sports in 7th grade.

What made you choose Millersville University?
Millersville was one of the best schools for my major and was cost efficient.

What do you love most about football and wrestling?
Both sports are great for their own reasons. In football, when you win, it’s a great feeling being able to celebrate with 90 teammates. In wrestling, it is kind of the opposite. When you win, the win is 100 percent your own; but when you lose, there is nobody to blame it on but yourself.

As an athlete, even playing one sport takes up a large hunk of time. How do you handle playing two sports and your academics to keep a high GPA.
I have to set aside time out of my day where I turn everything off and just bang out schoolwork. It can be challenging finding time to fit in school, work and downtime.

How would you describe your educational experience at Millersville?
I have enjoyed my time here. The most challenging thing I’ve had to do was get used to college academic expectations as opposed to high school. The most rewarding experience I’ve had was when we went to a nearby elementary school and worked with students there to learn about the areas where they live.

Many students have a professor or advisor who really have an impact on their educational experience. Do you?
Yes. Dr. Ron Frankum. He is a history professor here at Millersville, and he has really made me challenge the conventional ways we look at history.

Who has been most influential for you in athletics?
Jim Shiffer, my position coach here at MU. He pushes us on the football field, but he would bend over backwards to help us out if we needed it.

How do you prepare for a big game or match?
I drink a lot of fluids, sleep as much as I can, listen to music and try to visualize myself doing well.

What are your most memorable moments as a Marauder in both football and wrestling?
For wrestling, it was when I beat a kid from Virginia Tech. For football, it was when we won against Kutztown in the 2009 season in overtime.

How has Millersville helped you succeed? And what would you like to do after graduation?
Millersville has helped me grow as an athlete and as a student. When I graduate, I would like to teach social studies somewhere local. I would also like to coach.

If you could offer one piece of advice to incoming student-athletes, what would it be?
Make sure you always set aside time to get work done, and call home whenever you can.