Student Profiles - Kelly Mathiesen

Student Profiles - Kelly Mathiesen

Kelly Mathiesen

Class: 2013
Major: Government major with a minor in history    
Hometown: Stroudsburg, Pa.

What made you want to attend Millersville University?
I thought the campus was beautiful and the people were very friendly.

What campus organizations are you currently involved in?
I currently serve as parliamentarian for student senate, vice president of Marauder Watch and a general member of the University Activities Board. I also work as a program assistant at Houdini’s for the housing department.

How long have you been involved with those organizations?
This is my fifth semester in student senate, my second in Marauder Watch and my third semester in the University Activities Board. I have been working at Houdini’s for two semesters now.

Can you talk about your role at Houdini’s?
As a program assistant, I aid resident assistants (RAs) in making the hall decorations and creating fun, informational and exciting programs for their residents to attend. I went through an application and interview process to be selected. My favorite part of the job is being able to be creative and make fun decorations. My role has a small influence on how the RAs decorate their hallways and the atmosphere they create.

What role does ‘parliamentarian’ play in student senate?
As parliamentarian I am keeper of the student senate’s constitution, as well as every other organization on campus. I am in charge of instituting parliamentary procedure. This means that during senate meetings I make sure we use Robert’s Rules of Order while discussing issues. I am also the head of the constitution committee, which deals with student organizations and their constitutions. The most exciting thing about being parliamentarian for me is working with other amazing student leaders and trying to make the senate even better than it was before.

How has student senate affected you as a student and a person overall?
Being in senate I feel makes me a better student because I am more aware of what is happening at the University. It also makes me a better student because being involved required me to learn time management and how to prioritize my life. I feel that I am now a better person because I have learned leadership skills and life skills that I can use in the future.

What do you hope to do post-graduation?
I hope to attend graduate school after I graduate from Millersville. After attending graduate school, I hope to get a job in student affairs at a University. Working in higher education is my ultimate career goal. After almost completing my four years here at Millersville University, I realize that the college atmosphere is where I belong professionally.

What made you want to get involved in student affairs?
After being a student senator and working within the housing department for a while I realized I like working with other students and faculty. I am really interested in learning the inter-workings of the university and how the different aspects affect students here.

What has been the biggest lesson learned during your time here?
I believe the biggest lesson I have learned is time management. It is really important to remember when you are involved and really busy. It helps to stay on top of all your work and commitments to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.

Do you think it is important for students to get involved?
I think it’s important for students to get involved because you can find out a lot about opportunities, events and the happenings on campus. Also, it’s great to get involved in order to learn about yourself; you can learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve upon them. Another big part of being involved is that you get to know other students and have fun with them.

Where is your favorite place to be on campus?
My favorite place to be on campus is the Student Memorial Center (SMC). I love the SMC because it is always full of life and activity.

How has Millersville helped you to succeed?
Millersville has helped me succeed by always having opportunities for students to enjoy. Being part of student senate has allowed me to learn about my leadership strengths and weaknesses. I also get to network with those who work in the student affairs department, allowing me to learn about my hopefully future career.