Student Profiles - Rebecca Freedman

Student Profiles - Rebecca Freedman

Rebecca Freedman

Class Year: Graduated Spring 2013
Major: Computer science with a minor in art
Hometown: Yardley, Pa.

What made you want to pursue your major?
I've always loved math and problem solving. Computer science allowed me to work with both those things as well as to create, which is a huge requirement as I am also very artistic. Having a father work in the field also inspired me to see what was really out there. I was reluctant at first but it truly is the best fit for me.

Did you hold any campus jobs?
I worked with the Millersville Mentoring Alliance Program (MMAP). Also last summer I was truly lucky as I was able to help assist with the tech-camps. I was able to help younger students with their love and passion for computer science. It was a great learning experience.

Did you complete an internship?
Last summer, I was able to work with a web design firm in Lancaster called Modo Design Group. I was able to go into their office and they taught me new and useful tools to creating inspirational websites. I was able to practice my understanding with JavaScript. This experience was amazing, just the thought that local companies are willing to inspire young students is extraordinary in every way.

What made you decide to join the Millersville Mentoring Alliance program (MMAP)?
During my time at Millersville I watched from the inside, the good and outstanding accomplishments that this program brought to so many. The work that Stacy Caldwell and her graduate assistants have achieved has inspired me to really do everything that I could throughout my time at Millersville. Last year was my first year participating with the MMAP as a mentee and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I gained a friend and now have better hope for my future within the technical world. My decision to join the MMAP led me to aspire to become a peer mentor.

What has been your favorite mentoring success story?
I honestly can't decide. I feel that every story is unique to each individual. Mentoring provides success whether it's immediately recognized or not and having someone there to lean on even just for a little while helps stabilize an individual during life's fast pace and hectic times. To me, mentoring in itself is a success story. The mere fact that we can provide mentoring to Millersville students is a success on its own.

I will always remember my mentor, Heather Zoppetti, and remember what strength she provided to me. Heather helped me continue to grow even during one of my darkest times. She helped me see what was really important in my life and has given me hope in the future. Heather will always remain my friend and will probably continue to inspire me forever.

How would it benefit students to get involved with MMAP?
It would benefit students academically and personally. The MMAP matches prospective mentees with mentors by similar field of study and interest. This provides the best match for all of our students who are looking for guidance about their career and someone who shares interest to build and develop a personal relationship.

My mentor, Heather Zoppetti, and I are compatible in almost every manner. She was a computer science major here at Millersville as well and has experience with jobs in our field that will help me in the long run. We don't just share a unique love for computer science but we are both very artistic, which is very rare with a passion for the sciences. We are able to share our goals and accomplishments with one another in every way.

Which political campaigns have you participated in?
I participated in many political campaigns as my family is very active with in our community. I actively participated in two state representative campaigns, one congressional campaign, two tax collector campaigns and during the 2008 elections supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries. It's been difficult to be as involved as I usually am since I was registered in my district at home.

What made you interested in participating in political campaigns?
It has almost been a family obligation ever since I've been in elementary school so becoming active in one’s community feels very familiar to me. The main reason why I am so adamant about keeping up with politics is because everyone has a reason for their voice to be heard and I think it is an important civic responsibility.

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I love to just sit down, enjoy a movie and relax. Sometimes I have to force myself to do nothing and even that can be very difficult. I find myself during my free time mostly reading, learning about new ideas and concepts, taking care of my cat, Sirius, or just spending time with my friends. I am constantly moving and will always find a way to take advantage of every hour.

What was your favorite memory while at Millersville?
My favorite memory was when Millersville hosted the PA Computer and Information Science Educators conference. I was able to work and volunteer for the two-day event with my fellow students. The unity the computer science department presented to prepare and run this event was inspirational. It made me feel like I belonged to something great and that I had a great family here at Millersville. The event was a celebration and took all of us to pull it together.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years, I see myself being successful and happy with the choices that I have made throughout my life. I see myself pursuing my master’s, becoming a leader and hopefully being successful in my personal life as well. I've had the amazing opportunity to watch so many women accomplish what they want in their careers and still be able to achieve their highest goals within their personal life as well.

The one thing that always keeps me going is the knowledge that so many women have been able to accomplish their dreams in life while having a family at home. Life is no longer one-sided; I can do anything I want to and be happy.

How has Millersville helped you succeed?
Millersville as given me the tools and experiences that I needed to run with the wolves. Millersville has taught me life experiences and has given me the courage to move on to the next stage of my life. Without Millersville, I would not be as confident and ready to take on the world as I am today.