Student Profiles - Ryan Tigro

Ryan Tigro - History Major - 12

Ryan Tigro

Class: 2012
Major: History
Hometown: Phoenixville, Pa.

Can you tell us about your involvement in student senate at Millersville?
I have been involved in student senate for about a year and a half. I currently serve as the recording secretary. It is my duty to hold each senator responsible for attending meetings and their office hours. I also keep and maintain records of the meetings and on-goings within the senate.

What is it like working so close with campus officials?
I think it is a great experience because it lets me know that I have a part in shaping my future here at the University. It also shows how much the administration and the University respect the students by working with them.

What are senate’s responsibilities when it comes to funding? How have budget cuts affected this responsibility? 
While senate is in charge of the funding, I think our primary goal is finding the best way to allocate funds that provide the best possible experience to the students we represent. As far budget cuts, our best intentions rest first and foremost with the students. So far we have agreed to a zero percent increase on the student activity fee and do not plan on raising it despite the current state of the Pennsylvania state budget proposal for 2012-13. 

Are you involved in any other organizations on campus?
I serve as the campus liaison for the Empower Peer Educators (EPE), which works to educate the campus on issues relating to healthy relationships, advocacy, body image and sexual assault. My goal is to circulate to organizations on campus to see how we can best work together. I am also a member of the Millersville Planeswalkers, a new club that promotes the social aspects of the trading card game “Magic the Gathering.” So far as an organization we have participated in charity tournaments in the area.  

How do you determine what clubs are a good fit for you?
I usually attend a couple meetings for a club I am interested in, and then determine if I have the time for it and if I can help the club succeed with my participation. The key part of finding any good fit is to find out what you are genuinely interested in and then becoming increasingly involved.

You were involved with Millersville’s Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and you also participate in ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.’ Why are these missions important to you?
These campaigns were done by the EPE’s, in which I am a member. I was the committee leader for the Millersville Campaign for Real Beauty, which is a local emulation of the Dove Campaign. I felt that promoting a positive body image is something that Millersville could greatly benefit from. We took a national idea and brought it down to the local level, to let our peers show their individual image. I have participated in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes for the past two years and I think that campaign is excellent. It is an active and fun way to get the surrounding community involved in Millersville University, and it’s also a great cause to end domestic violence everywhere.

Do you think it is vital for students to be involved on campus?
While I think being involved is excellent and one of the best feelings during my time at Millersville, I know that it is not for everyone. I encourage everyone to find at least one organization, club, sport, event or activity during their time on campus. I think it helps you maintain interest in your University and in your education. 

Do you think you’ve grown as a person during your years at Millersville?
I would definitely say I have grown as a person here at Millersville. I came from a small high school and finding my niche at Millersville did not take long at all. I am definitely more involved at Millersville than I ever was in high school.  I also think a lot of the lessons outside of the classroom and my personal relationships with friends here have really helped me grow. 

What sets Millersville apart from other Universities?
Millersville is a unique University in that it focuses on letting each individual flourish. I think Millersville lets students have the opportunity to become fully engaged with everything going on around them.

How has Millersville helped you to succeed?
Millersville has definitely provided the opportunities for me to take advantage of. I have met some of the best people here at Millersville and I think the University promotes a healthy and diverse culture for me as an individual to learn and continue learning as I move on in life.