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If you are attending the Admitted Student Expo on 4/9, you do not need to register for the 4/30 placement exams.  The times/locations for the Chemistry and Mathematics placement exams during the Expo are:

Mathematics - Caputo 210 @ 2:30PM

Chemistry - Roddy 153 @ 3:30PM

Expo staff should be able to direct you to these locations.  A map of the campus is also available here.

The Admitted Student Expo registration form is available here.

Placement Testing

At Millersville, all students must take at least one math course. To help determine which math course will be best for you to take, all students are required to take a math placement test. This test will help faculty members and advisors schedule you in the appropriate math course.

For similar reasons, some students may be required to take a foreign language and/or chemistry placement test as well.

If you are a new student for the upcoming Fall 2016 semester (or a continuing student that has yet to take a math/chemistry placement test), please sign up for one of these testing dates.  See below under Placement Testing Schedule for more details.

To register for the math placement and/or chemistry exam, click here and fully complete the form to register.

Placement Testing for Current Students

If you are a current student at Millersville that needs to take a placement exam in Chemistry, Mathematics or Foreign Language, please visit the departmental sites for additional information and dates/times of upcoming, scheduled exams:



Foreign Language:

Placement Testing and Majors

Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Biology and Earth Science majors (or students considering one of these majors) are REQUIRED to take a Math and Chemistry placement exam.

Business, Economics, Mathematics and other math-intensive majors should take the math placement exam as soon a possible to make progress in their major.

Math is also required for all non-science majors, including ERCH, ECSP and MDLV majors.

Incoming students who have declared Early Childhood, Middle Level or Early Childhood/Special Education as their major and incoming students who are currently undeclared but intend to declare one of these as a major please note the following:

The placement test that you will be taking is called the Basic Skills Test (BST). On the math department website there is a list of topics covered on the BST, a set of sample questions and their solutions. Learn more about the Basic Skills Test. 

Placement Testing Schedule

Placement exams are currently scheduled to be held during the following dates and times:

Date Math Chemistry


9:00 AM

10:15 AM

Check-in for the placement exams will be in the Caputo lobby beginning 8:00 AM.

To register for any of the tests, click here and fully complete the form to register.

If you encounter any problems with the registration form, contact the Registrar's Office at (717)871-5005 or via email at

Students who are transferring in credits and wish to see if they may be exempt from taking a placement test, should read the information listed below. If there are further questions, contact the placement coordinator for the department you are inquiring about, listed at the bottom of this page. It is possible that transfer students will receive an exemption from taking the math placement test, but that determination will be made only through the math placement coordinator.

Math Placement Test

This test is required for all new students. (Transfer students who have received credit for a college-level math course should contact the math placement coordinator to see if they must take this test.  Email, or call 717-871-7314).  Click here to register now. 

You may also schedule the math placement exam on an individual basis by contacting the math department at 717-871-7668.

Chemistry Placement Test

This test is required for all new students in the folllowing majors: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science (including Meterology).  If your major is undecided (Exploratory) and you are considering a major in any of these departments, you should take the chemistry placement test.  Click here to register now.

Please contact the Chemistry department for any questions - 717-871-4297.

Foreign Language Placement Test

All entering foreign language majors are required to take the foreign language placement test to assess the extent of their competency in the target language they wish to study (French, German and Spanish). The placement test is also used to determine the appropriate level for all students wishing to take a course numbered 201 or above. Details regarding the foreign language placement test can be obtained by viewing the foreign language department website.

Special Accommodations

If you need special accommodations for testing due to a physical and/or learning disability, please contact the Office of Learning Services at 717-871-5554.

Placement Test Contacts

Chemistry Placement Information:

Dr. Rajaseelan, 717-871-7395,

Math Placement Information:

Dr. Delray Schultz, 717-871-7314,

Foreign Language Placement Information:

Dr. Nimmrichter, 717-871-7152,