Technology Education

General Description

The Technology Education program is a teacher training program for individuals seeking Pennsylvania State Certification in Technology Education (K-12).

The three themes of professional education at MU are supported and implemented, including engagement in learning communities of inquiry and action, a focus on students, and demonstration of exemplary professional practices.

Technology Education majors are broadly prepared in general education, technology and engineering, and professional teacher education. Emphasis is on understanding, applying, managing, and assessing design, bio-related, communication, energy and power, transportation and production technologies. Students may specialize in a technical area of their choice and must devote one semester to full-time student teaching in a public school.

An advisory committee of technology education teachers and supervisors assists with providing program relevancy. This program has been nationally recognized by the International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA) on Technology Teacher Education and the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  You can select one of the four links below to read about each of the four program offerings in Technology Education.



The undergraduate level Technology Education Teacher preparation program is designed for students coming right out of high school, or students who have been working in another field and now desire to pursue a bachelor's degree and teacher certification. The undergraduate degree is a traditional four year degree, with one semester being devoted to a professional experience in a local K-12 setting.

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The master of education program in technology education provides opportunities for continued professional growth of technology education teachers. Courses are required in educational research, philosophy and psychology.

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Post-Baccalaureate Certification

The Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology offers a certification program for individuals seeking to become technology education teachers, but do not need to complete a second four-year degree. People with existing undergraduate degrees may elect to seek certification on either a graduate or undergraduate level.

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Supervisory Certification

A Supervisory I Certification program qualifies experienced technology education teachers to become technology education supervisors.

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NPR Examines Need and Success in TE

NPR's Sarah Alvarez takes a look at a Michigan school district that has taken it's technology education curriculum to the next level.

"Classes like wood shop or auto shop used to be called vocational classes. They were known as an academic dumping ground for students who weren't succeeding in a regular classroom. But a lot has changed. In the rural mid-Michigan school district of Stockton, classes now offer a pathway to college, and a way to gain skills to pay tuition."

Read or listen to Ms. Alvarez's report by visiting the NPR Web site at by clicking this link.