B.S.Ed. in Technology Education (K-12)

B.S. Ed. Technology Education (K-12), 4-year Degree Requirements

The undergraduate level Technology Education Teacher preparation program is designed for students coming right out of high school, or students who have been employed but now seek to pursue teacher certification and a B.S. degree in Technology Education. The undergraduate degree is a traditional four year degree, with one semester being devoted to a professional experience in a local K-12 setting. Successful candidates will maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, as per Pennsylvania School Code. Please read the description below. It details all of the general education and major course work you will complete.

Dr. Sharon Brusic is the coordinator for the undergraduate Technology Education Programs. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr. Brusic at Sharon.Brusic@Millersville.edu.

General Education: 48 credits (minimum)

All students seeking a bachelor's degree from Millersville University must successfully complete the general education requirements. The general education requirements are designed to help make you into a well-rounded professional. Please take some time to read about the general education requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog. An explanation of the program is located on page 37 of the Catalog at http://www.millersville.edu/~ucatalog/index.pdf.

Department Requirements: 48 credits

The required AEST courses for the Technology Education degree are listed below and you can read their descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. The AEST information starts on page 78.

Bachelor's Degree: Technology Education
Department/Technical - Required Courses: 48 credits

ITEC 110: Communication and Information Systems
ITEC 120: Energy, Power, and Transportation Systems
ITEC 130: Production Materials and Processes
ITEC 140: Bio-Related Technologies
ITEC 241: Drafting Communications
ITEC 251: Print Media Systems
ITEC 261: Electronic Systems
ITEC 262: Semiconductor Electronics
ITEC 271: Processing Nonmetallic Materials
ITEC 281: Processing Metallic Materials
ITEC 325: Power Conversion and Control
ITEC 344: Product Design
ITEC 346: Architectural Drawing and Design
ITEC 435: Manufacturing Enterprise
ITEC XXX: Technology lab elective
ITEC XXX: Technology lab elective

Professional Requirements: 33 credits

The required Educational Foundation courses for the Technology Education degree are listed below and you can read their descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. The Educational Foundations information starts on page 137. All courses on the following list are three credit courses unless otherwise noted.

Bachelor's Degree: Technology Education
Professional - Required Courses: 33 credits

EDFN 211: Foundations of Modern Education
EDFN 241: Psychological Foundations of Teaching
EDTE 291: Foundations of Technology Education
EDTE 391: Curriculum and Instruction in Technology Education (Admission to APS Required)
EDSE 340: Content Area Literacy for Diverse Classrooms (Admission to APS Required)
SPED 346: Secondary Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (Admission to APS Required)
EDTE 496: Innovation and Design Methodologies (2 credits)
EDTE 461: Student Teaching (9 credits) (Admission to APS Required)
EDTE 491: Professional Seminar (1 credit) (Admission to APS Required)
EDSE 471: Differentiated Instruction

Advanced Professional Studies (APS) Requirements:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established requirements for certification to teach in Pennsylvania. To prepare you to meet these requirements, Millersville University has developed criteria for admission to and retention in APS courses. APS standing is conditional upon meeting and maintaining requirements throughout the degree program. APS status is not permanent; it can be revoked. The Field Services office maintains information about APS on their Web site at http://www.millersville.edu/fieldservices. Select the "APS Admission Criteria" link under the Helpful Documents heading. You will also find information on TB testing requirements and clearances.

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