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2013 MUAA Board of Directors*

Lori Dierolf '91, President  Scott Bailey '96, President Elect  Stephen Focht '70, Treasurer Cassandra Karamanos '94, Secretary

Lori Dierolf '91, President  Scott Bailey '96, President Elect        Stephen Focht '70,              Cassandra Karamanos                                                                                                          Treasurer                            '94,Secretary

Jennifer Bertolet '92 Sandra Brown '76 Nathan Claycomb '01 Jenna Craig '10

    Jennifer Bertolet '92                  Sandra Brown '76                Nathan Claycomb '01                 Jenna Craig '10

Bill Dewan '93 Kitty Glass '53 John Held '02 Amy Hoffman '94

           Bill Dewan '93                     Kitty Glass '53                       John Held '02                         Amy Hoffman '94

PatricLeahy '97 w/Gallihad Greg Ortleib '09 Katie Petermann Breit '02 Dan Sidelnick '75

Patrick Leahy '97 w/Gallihad           Greg Ortleib '09              Katie Petermann Breit '02            Dan Sidelnick '75

Carroll Staub '72/'90M Kristin Waters '05 Tamara Willis '99 Jerri Anne Johnson '76/'78, Past President

     Carroll Staub '72/'90M              Kristin Waters '05                   Tamara Willis '99                 Jerri Anne Johnson                                                                                                                                                 '76/'78,Past President

Advisory Members

  • Mike Saraka, Director of Alumni Engagement
  • Gerald C. Eckert, Vice President for University Advancement
  • Dr. John Anderson, President
  • Ashley Tose, President, Student Ambassadors

Welcome! Upon graduation, you automatically become a member of the MU Alumni Association. As a member, you will receive the Millersville Review, the University magazine, four times a year. Please keep the University informed about your current address as well as any newsworthy events in your life. Stay in touch, or even better, continue being a part of MU by participating actively in your Alumni Association.

MUAA Mission

Out of gratitude for the education received at Millersville University and a belief in the value of public higher education, the Alumni Association is committed to continuous improvement of educational processes through its support to the University.

The Association promotes a meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas between the University and its alumni. And, through the diverse programs of volunteer services and financial assistance, the Association is committed to strengthening alumni relations in support of the University's mission. These include providing information about the University to alumni, encouraging and supporting Millersville's educational relationship with alumni, sponsoring a variety of activities of interest to alumni and providing alumni with opportunities for service to the University.

MUAA Goals

  • Communicate current, meaningful information about Millersville to alumni and friends of the University on a regular basis.
  • Increase participation in MUAA-sponsored programs in terms of numbers, geography and diversity.
  • Expand opportunities for alumni to maintain their relationship with one another.
  • Cultivate students so they will become active alumni.
  • Enhance and enrich the experiences of students through contact with alumni.
  • Elevate Millersville's reputation and raise its visibility in the local community.
  • Engage in an ongoing planning process to meet the needs of an ever-changing alumni body.

*The MU Alumni Association is governed by a board of nineteen directors who serve 2-year terms and meet four times annually. The board contains four officers --- a president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer. All officers are elected to 2-year terms by the board. In addition, the board includes appointed and approved chairpersons, one for each of the seven Alumni Association committees. The committees include: Financial Planning; Nominations and Awards; Student Advancement; Alumni Programs; Alumni Development; Information Technology and Lancaster County Branch. Board members who do not serve as officers or chairpersons are considered at-large members, and they are required to sit on one or more of the above committees.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors also incorporates advisory (non-voting) members into its governing body. Advisory members are:

  • President of Millersville University or designee
  • Vice President for University Advancement or designee
  • Immediate Past President of the Alumni Association
  • Director of Alumni Services
  • Millersville delegates to the State System Alumni Advocacy Council
  • Alumni Association Board Members Emeriti
  • President of the Student Ambassadors of Millersville University or designee
  • President of MU Student Senate or designee
  • MU Alumni Association Committee Chairs
  • Millersville University staff liaisons as identified by the Director of Alumni Services