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Need Travel Advice?
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The Knaub Family
Jeanette Knaub
graduated from Millersville in 2001 with a BS in Marketing. As a wife and at-home mother of four, Jeanette knows the value of providing a broad range of educational and cultural experiences for her children. Taking extended trips as a family of six can be cost prohibitive, so she and her family opt to travel locally and day trips have become their way of satisfying their passion for travel. She takes great care to make sure each travel adventure enriches the learning experiences of her children. 

Living in Lancaster County, Jeanette focuses her visits in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. After spending a number of years chaperoning her children to many destinations, Jeanette has acquired an extensive knowledge of the local tourism industry. Not one to keep all these new-found secrets to herself, she wanted to find a way for others to benefit from her discoveries.  The idea of writing her own blog came to mind and was born shortly thereafter.  Day Tripper Mom provides overall critiques, detailed stories and helpful tips to know before you head out to one of the destinations!

Jeanette has a particular interest in history so many of the Knaub's destinations focus on historical sites. She also seeks out destinations that have educational merit in categories such as science, nature and the arts. She uses her Facebook page to alert followers about local family-friendly events in the community and promote her blog.

In addition to blogging, Jeanette is a volunteer on the planning committee for the Lancaster chapter of Gifts that Give Hope; an organization that promotes meaningful gift giving and support for non-profit organizations by helping communities host Alternative Gift Fairs. She has also helped plan a Lancaster celebration for International Women's Day at Thaddeus Steven's College of Technology.

Jeanette's studies at Millersville University provided her with the knowledge of marketing concepts and instilled in her to seek inspiration for becoming a creative and entrepreneurial adult.

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