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Ready, Set, Spike

Eleven students regularly gathered on the first floor of Tanger Hall between 1979 and 1981 to play intramural flag football and soccer. As their friendship grew, they realized they had one more sport in common - volleyball. At the time, Millersville State College had no formal volleyball teams or clubs, so the women unanimously agreed it was time to begin their own volleyball club on campus. They approached the director of intramurals and recreation to propose a formalized intramural club, which was approved soon after.

As interest spread across campus, the black and gold clad women played other MSC club teams. Competitive play expanded quickly, and two years later, the team began competing against other state college volleyball clubs. The number of players continued to increase, and the club thrived even after the founding members graduated. In 1990, Millersville University announced women’s volleyball as its newest varsity sport! The team’s first coach, Scott Pennewill, took the Lady Marauders to an 18-14 record and secured the PSAC East Division crown only three years later.

The founding members of the women’s volleyball club stay connected to this day, reminiscing about their time at MSC and the sport that brought them all together. The group most recently met in Florida and continue to nurture the friendships they made at Millersville nearly 38 years ago.

Volleyball 1981


First Row: Trish Field, Jacquelynn Frankel, Denise Klein, Sue Wilhelm

Second Row: Karen Troback, Deb Graham, Gretchen Hintermyer (Co-captain), Anita Sapienza (Co-Captain), Tracie L. Moyer, Kris Moore

Back Row: Verne Hauck (Coach), Sondra Ortlip, Pat Crook, Brenda Krebs, Sandra Pickering, Sue Gottlieb, Amy Patten, Janelle Gensemer, Gabriel Restreop (Assistant Coach)

Volleyball 2017


Janelle Gensemer Biffel ’83, Mary Shimp Rinehart ’82, Pamela Roberts Swadley ’82, Anna-Marie Jones Miller (transferred), Gloria Friend ’82, Nancy Frick Pannepacker ’84, Mary Frances Krienen Ruoff (transferred), Anita Sapienza Keenan ’82, Marianne Hooper Capuzzi ’83, Tracie Moyer Clemens ’81, Susan Wilhelm Yoch ‘82


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