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Alumni Regional Coordinators

Serve as an Alumni Regional Coordinator (ARC): To serve as a host, planner and coordinator of alumni events in your area that engage alumni of Millersville University in a meaningful way and encourages continued participation from those alumni attending those events. We encourage alumni to serve as hosts for alumni receptions.

Current ARC Volunteers

Name  Location  E-mail
Chad Bolt '08 Washington, DC
Renee Fraker '09 Boston, MA
Lorri Jandron '88 Michigan and N. Illinois
Barbara Lashley '70 New Jersey
Sara Schwalm '06 Raleigh-Durham, NC

The Office of Alumni Engagement will assist you in the following areas if you wish to host an event in your location:

  • Address list of alumni in your geographic area (must be mailed or e-mailed by the Office of Alumni Engagement);
  • MU Alumni Association promotional materials based on the number of alumni who RSVP to your event;
  • Printed name tags for your event;
  • Sending out a broadcast e-mail or posting the event registration on the alumni website (, alumni facebook page, alumni twitter page or alumni LinkedIn site;
  • Follow up from an Office of Alumni Engagement staff member after each event;
  • An Office of Alumni Engagement staff member will be appointed as a liaison to answer questions and provide advice.

Expectation of ARCs:

  • Identify an appropriate venue to hold the event in your area based on the type of event you are holding (i.e. Career Networking, Social, Cultural, etc.);
  • Identify additional volunteers to help coordinate the event;
  • Work with the Office of Alumni Engagement staff to market your event;
  • Serve as the point of contact for alumni in your area to answer questions regarding the event;
  • Serve as official “greeter” and work with alumni staff if you wish to provide a campus update, visual presentation or welcome;
  • Serve as the collector of registration monies (if any) for the event or work with your alumni office liaison to set up an online registration on the alumni website;
  • Hold at least one event per year to engage alumni in your area;
  • Report all attendees at your alumni event to the Office of Alumni Engagement in a timely manner. Collect a sign-up sheet of attendees at each event with name, contact information and e-mail address;
  • Send a communication once a quarter to alumni in your area in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Engagement;

Due to economic realities, the Office of Alumni Engagement cannot pay for your event. We ask hosts to consider the cost per alumni when planning your event. When planning your event off campus, consider this factor and keep it simple (i.e. meet and greet, happy hour after work, host residence or meeting room at place of employment).

If you are interested in learning more about how to become an ARC, please contact:

Office of Alumni Engagement
P.O.Box 1002
Millersville University
Millersville, PA 17551-0302
P: 1-800-681-1855