Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a freshman what kind of computer is recommended? 

As a freshman you won't need a computer until your second or third year.  You will be taking foundation courses such as drawing and 2D/3D and your gen ed's.  Once you enter your second and third year, you may seek preference in purchasing a Mac vs. a PC because of your increased exposure and experience with a MAC platform while you are attending MU.  If you continue in your studies and career, much of the professional art world relies on them.  However, the Adobe software availabe for PC's will be sufficient.  Although not required, if you still feel it is crutial to your education please confirm with sales representative to ensure your desired hardware is capable of running Adobe CS5 or above. 

What software and computers are in your lab are you using?

Our computer lab currently has 27" Macs for student use.  If it isn't available you are welcome to use any of the other labs on campus.  We are currenly running on the Adobe CS5 Suite but may be upgraded to CS5.5.

I am an international student, where do I start?
International students follow a different application process than students who are United States citizen. For more information, please refer to the International Student Application Process.

Where do I submit my portfolio?
Generally, the art department encourages the submission of digital portfolios. Portfolio submission requires applicants to follow a set of rigid guidelines that can be found on the Portfolio Submission Requirements page. Closely following all the guidelines and attaching all the forms required can avoid confusion for both the art department and yourself in the entire process.

What courses will I be taking my freshman year?
All potential art majors are required to take a core program of studio courses to be completed during the Freshman (foundation) year. These courses include Design I, Design II, Drawing I, and Drawing II.

What happens if I'm not accepted into the department?
Incoming freshman or transfer students who have not successfully passed the review will receive a notification from the Admissions office.  They will be offered the opportunity to remain undeclared or select another major of their choice.  Please remember, if you still have a passion for the arts you are welcome to declare a studio art or art history minor; neither require a portfolio review for admittance. (Although participation in these classes does not guarantee admission into the department at a later date, it will provide the individual an opportunity to improve the quality of their portfolio and reapply at a later date.)  Additionally, students may attempt to register for Drawing I and/or 2D Design if seats are available during the add/drop period. 

What is the placement rate of graduates leaving your programs?
Please confer with the Career Services, Lyle Hall, and 3rd floor.

How do I register for classes?
Registering for classes are done using the Millersville MAX registration system. You will need your M number (Mxxxxxxxx) and your student password to log in to MAX. For more information, please refer to the Registration Instruction for Undergraduate Students and Registration Instruction for Graduate Students.

Is the art department still hosting youth art classes on Saturdays?
No. Youth Saturday classes will not be in session until future notice.