Bio 466 Course Materials

Spring 2016 Lab Results

      PCR agarose gels  
Both PCR gels
2.   Lindsay and Joe PCR
3.   Katie and Katherine PCR
      cDNA Library Screen 
1.   cDNA Library Screen Biol 466.pdf 

      Ponceau stained blots
1.   Merv, Katie, Katherine
2.   Lindsay and Joe        
      Western Blots
1.  Both western blots
2.  Katie, Katherine, and Merv Western
3.  Lindsay and Joe Western 

     DNA Fragmentation Gels
1.  All three fragmentation gels
2.  Katie, Katherine, Merv DNA gel
3.  Lindsay and Joe DNA gel
4.  Sample gel 2011, Lauren et al.

     Coomassie stained Gels
1.  All four Coomassie stained gels
2.  Joe and Lindsay unblotted Coomassie
3.  Joe and Lindsay blotted Coomassie
4.  Katie et al. unblotted Coomassie
5.  Katie et al. blotted Coomassie

     Sample Gels
1.  Sample Western, Coomassie, Ponceau Protein Gel, 2011

1.  Sequencing Films: Merv, Joe, Lindsay, Katie, 1-3 days exposure
2.  Sequencing Films: Joe, Lindsay, Katie, Katherine, 6 days exposure
3.  Word file of Automated Sequences (Fasta MCT sp16)


     Automated LICOR Sequences


    Manual Sequencing—Both gels