Dr. David R. Dobbins

Dr. David R. Dobbins

Dr. David R. Dobbins

Emeritus Professor, Plant anatomy, morphology, horticulture, and plant development.

Office: Brossman 116
Phone: (717) 872 3503

Additional Information


B.A., Franklin College
M.A. and Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Courses Taught:

BIOL 100 – General Biology
BIOL 221 – Concepts of Botany
BIOL 427 – Developmental Plant Anatomy
BIOL 428 – Plant Morphogenesis
BIOL 327 – Horticultural Science
BIOL Microscopy and Histological Techniques.

Areas of Specialization:

Plant anatomy, morphology,horticulture, and plant development

Research Interest(s):

My research investigates biological problems involving the growth and development of plants. I study experimental and descriptive plant morphogenesis utilizing microtechniques, microscopy (both light and electron) and photomicrography with particular emphasis on cellular, tissue, and organ differentiation. Recent research topics have investigated atypical development in tropical vines and how these structural differences enhance the success of the vines in the rain forest. Another area of interest is the mode of parasitism by flowering plants on other plants. Students working with me should be independent, dedicated, and like detail and precision. Important techniques are learned that can be used beyond the bachelors degree.

Selected Publication(s):

2005. Microscopical Anatomy of Selected Plants collected by Lewis and Clark Expedition. Microscopy Today 13:8-17. (with H. Alden, R.H. Cunningham, K. Ryan, and P.T. Jantzen).

2005. Development and Function of Included Phloem in Woody Lianas of the Bignoniaceae. XVII International Botanical Congress Vol. 17: 232.

1991. Wood anatomy of the Bignoniaceae: A comparison of trees and lianas. Intnl. Assoc. Wood Anatomist Bull. l2: 389-417.(with P. Gasson).

1990. The role of rays in anomalous cambial activity. Intnl. Assoc. Wood Anatomists Bull. 11: 122-123.

1986. Wound responses in girdled stems of lianas. Bot. Gaz. 147(3): 278-289.(with J.B. Fisher)