Third Party/Parent Authorization

Procedure for Third Party/Parent Authorization

All bills are processed electronically via the MAX system. In order for parents to receive an email when bills are available, have access to online billing, and be granted permission to discuss confidential student account information with our office, third party authorization is required. Students must follow these steps to grant Parent/Third Party authorization:

Logon to MAX and select:

  • Student Services
  • Bursar Student Accounts
  • Parent (Third Party) Access to Billing Information
  • Accept terms by checking the box
  • Click on Enable Authorized Payer Access
  • Email Billing Tab
  • Add New Third Party Email Address
  • Provide Parent/Third party Name, Email Address and create User ID & Password (of your choice).  Hit Save
  • Click on Return to Billing Email List to send an email confirmation
  • Select Notify and Confirm request

Parent/Third Party will receive an email confirmation, along with their User ID & Password.