Global Opportunities

Student Profile

  • Michael McCloskey
  • Hometown: Springfield, PA
  • Majors: Social Studies, German
  • "Millersville has helped me to prepare for the job market by giving me the oppurtunity to work in schools with students directly as well as study abroad and allow me to improve my communication in the German language." –Michael McCloskey

Global Education Benefits

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Support Global Opportunities at Millersville

Successful graduates today need a global focus, cross-cultural understanding, and linguistic fluency, skills gained through global education experiences abroad or interactions with international students and cultures.

Millersville continues to broaden its global focus in cooperation with its 17 Educational Partners located across six continents to give students the opportunity to participate in international service projects, global internships, and academic study. In addition, international students are able to come to Millersville to learn here and help to expose our students to global diversity without even having to leave campus.

Help us continue to bring the world to our students and our students to the world.  Here's a list of ways you can help now:

  • Provide A Marauder With Their First Passport  Help defray the cost of passports and visas for MU students to participate in a study or intern abroad experience ($250) 
  • Spread The Word Provide a stipend to returning MU students to share what they have learned from their international experience with their peers and the local community through the Global Ambassador program ($500)
  • Welcome A New Marauder To MU  Assist an incoming exchange student from a lesser developed country cover the cost of books and other living expenses while studying at Millersville for a semester ($1,200)
  • Help a Marauder Take Flight Cover the international airfare of an MU student going abroad for an internship or study abroad experience ($2,000)
  • Bring the World to MU Bring an international faculty member from one of our nearly 20 partner institutions to offer a course regarding issues from their home country  for MU students who are unable to go abroad and strengthen MU’s partnerships in the process ($7,500)
  • Help The Team That Makes International Education A Reality For MU Students Establish a Global Education & Partnerships Endowment OR a named scholarship endowment to provide essential support to Global Education as it fulfills its mission to bring the world to MU and MU to the world through international student and faculty exchanges ($25,000)