Health & Wellness Opportunities

Student Profile

  • Keyla Sierra
  • Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Major: Biology
  • "The Soar to Greatness Campaign has enabled us to improve the health of the students on campus, which is essential to our community. My experiences at the Wellness and Women's Center have helped me grow as a leader, student, employee and human being. I love educating students on healthy habits and feeling like my job as a greater purpose." –Keyla Sierra

Health & Wellness Benefits

Support Health & Wellness at Millersville

If anybody takes health for granted, it is the young. But good habits, ingrained early tend to stick for a lifetime. Tending to health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, and personal safety – they’re all a part of the overall educational process outside the classroom and arguably as important as any other component of the college experience. Your investment is needed to help ensure the availability of these key services at moments of need.