All participants should strive to demonstrate good sportsmanship during intramural contests. Fair play is important, for it provides more enjoyment for all who play.

Participation in intramurals is not a right it is a privilege!!!

Team representatives don't have the right to contribute to a difficult situation!!!

Sportsmanship Rating System

Teams (players & team representatives) are responsible for cleaning up their playing field; if teams fail to assist the intramural personnel with this task, their sportsmanship rating could be affected.

Sportsmanship Ratings will be based on the following criteria:

“A” – 4.0 Excellent conduct and sportsmanship:

Players cooperate fully with the officials about rule interpretations and calls. The captain has full control of his/her teammates.

“B” – 3.0 Good conduct and sportsmanship:

Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension which may or may not merit a yellow violation. Teams that receive one yellow violation will receive no higher than a “B” rating.

“C” – 2.0 Average conduct and sportsmanship:

Team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team which may or may not merit a yellow violation. Captain exhibits minor control over him/herself. Teams receiving multiple yellow violations or one red violation (player ejected) will receive no higher than a “C” rating.

“D” – 1.0 Below average conduct and sportsmanship:

Team constantly comments to officials and/or opposing teams from the field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates and him/herself. A team which receives two red violations (players ejected) will receive no higher than a “D” rating.

“F” – 0.0 Poor conduct and sportsmanship:

Team is completely uncooperative. Captain has no control over teammates and/or him/herself. Any team causing a game to be forfeited, other than by not showing up, or receives multiple red violations, shall receive no higher than an “F” rating.

Yellow & Red Violation System

  1. The yellow & red violation system is enforced in addition to the governing rules & officiating methods for sports offered in the Intramural Department at Millersville University.
  2. The yellow & red violation system will be enforced in controlling team representatives for penalties, improper behavior (persistent infringement of any rules of the game) & rough play.
  3. Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their team representatives, sidelines & bench personnel. If a team representative receives a red violation & refuses to tell his/her name, the captain or co-captain may also, receive a red violation if he/she will not reveal the name of the team representative. Team captains or co-captains who cannot or will not attempt to control their team representatives, sidelines & bench personnel will be issued a warning (yellow violation) & if necessary an ejection (red violation).
  4. A sport official or intramural personnel will always use preventative methods that coincide with the governing rules for sports offered in the Intramural Department at Millersville University, when communicating concerns with team representatives.
  5. After preventative methods have been exhausted, a sport official or intramural personnel will enforce the governing rules & officiating methods in addition to the yellow & red violation system.
  6. If a disqualification, ejection or suspension results, the involved team representative (s) must set a meeting with the Ejection board before the involved team representative (s) is allowed to participate in intramurals.

Yellow Violation = Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Non-contact player acts are acts during a period or intermission, include but are not limited too:

  1. Refusal to comply or abide by the request or decision of an intramural employee
  2. Attempting to influence a decision by intramural employee
  3. Disrespectfully addressing an intramural employee
  4. Indicating objections to an intramural employee's decision
  5. Using profanity, taunting, insulting or vulgar language or obscene gestures to intramural employee or opposing players
  6. Attempting to kick, strike (using arm, hand or fist) or jump at an opposing player
  7. Throwing, kicking or spiking the equipment into the ground
  8. Leaving the field to gain an advantage unless replaced or with permission of intramural employee
  9. Holding an unauthorized conference or being on the field illegally
  10. Participating while wearing illegal player equipment

Red Violation = Disqualification
Exhibit, participate in or perform any of the following acts which include but are not limited too & disqualification will occur:

  1. Intentionally contacting intramural employee physically (spitting, kicking, jumping or striking (swinging an arm, hand or fist); applies to team representatives
  2. Tackling an opponent by grasping or encircling with the hand (s) or arm (s) & taking the opponent toward the ground
  3. Intentionally running into and over an opponent to gain an advantage which causes injury
  4. Intentionally spitting, kicking or striking (swinging an arm, hand or fist) any opposing player
  5. Intentionally swinging an arm, hand or fist at any opposing player
  6. Fighting (engaging in a combative manner)
  7. Throwing, kicking or spiking equipment high in the air
  8. Leaving a team area & entering the playing area during a fight
  9. Harrassing an intramural employee
  10. Using & participating under an assumed name

Intramural Protocol and Procedures for Participation

Persons subject to the intramural protocol & procedures for participation are team representatives, including players, substitutes, replaced players, coaches, trainers, spectators & other persons affiliated with the team are subject to the rules of the game & shall be governed by decisions of sport official (s) & intramural personnel assigned to the game.

No ID - No Play
Persons failing to abide & adhere to this protocol & procedures will affect their sportsmanship ratings & ability to qualify for playoffs.

Any behavior that violates the Millersville University Student Code of Conduct could result in disqualification, ejection, suspension, banishment from intramural contest if deemed necessary by ejection board or the Coordinator of Intramurals. Additionally, information could be provided to Millersville University judicial affairs or University police!!!

All decisions are subject to an appeal process with the Intramural Student Judiciary Board (ISJB) except for on going investigation with another university department in which an appeal process will be decided by the Director of Campus Recreation.

Team Representative Discipline

  1. Team representatives are subject to the same rules as participants.
  2. Team representatives do not have the "right" to contribute to a difficult situation.
  3. Ejected team representatives must meet with the Ejection Board before they are able to participate in any intramural activity.
  4. All ejected person (s) are provided an ejection letter by intramural personnel.  If the ejected person (s) refuses to review/read or take the ejection letter, the letter will be provided to the captain or co-captain & it is their job to provided the ejection letter to ejected person (s)

  5. If a team representative participates in any intramural activitiy before meeting with the Ejection Board that team representative will cause games in which they participate to result in a forfeit & make a team ineligible for playoffs.

  6. Sport officials & intramural personnel are responsible for enforcing the rules of conduct and sportsmanship.