Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

Millersville University

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Air Traffic Controller

from Backpocket Adventure by Rohnke and Grout, Project Adventure.




Fun trust builder


Have the group pair off.  Put the markers on the ground about 6 feet apart.  This is the takeoff zone.  Partners line up in a double column behind the markers.  One member becomes the aircraft, the other member is the pilot.  The aircraft closes their eyes.  The pilot directs the aircraft with verbal directions.  No touching unless a crash is imminent.  Lanch the aircraft at 6 second intervals.  Aircraft should have their hands up in front of them as safety bumpers.  Once all planes are in the air, move the takeoff zone and this becomes the landing zone.  Call out the pilots to bring their aircraft back to the landing zone.  Switch partners.


No processing, just a fun activity.

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